The world’s tallest structure 全世界最高的建築物

The world’s tallest structure 全世界最高的建築物

9th April 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

I don’t know why I always seems to stumble into churches and cathedrals when I go on holiday. I’m not religious at all, and its not like I am a history or architecture buff. Maybe I’m just fascinated by old buildings. Anyway, here’s another one that I want to share with you – Lincoln Cathedral in UK, once the tallest building in the world.

Yes, you heard it right, Lincoln Cathedral used to be the tallest structure in the world when it was built in 1311. It had a central spire which reached 160m (525ft) tall, and was even taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.
你沒聽錯噢!林肯大教堂在1311年建造時是全世界最高的建築物。 它的中央尖塔有160米(525英尺)高,比當時埃及的金字塔還要高。

By Aidan McRae Thomson; editing by hchc2009

Lincoln Cathedral’s record as the tallest structure in the world lasted nearly 250 years until 1548 when the massive weight of the central spire (don’t forget it would have been built in stone in those days) and a great storm caused the spire to collapse. Today, the Cathedral stands at 83m tall, not as mighty as it used to be, but stunning nonetheless.
林肯大教堂這個紀錄足足維持了250年。 中央尖塔是用石頭建造承托力很重,再加上一場大風暴,結果它在 1548年倒塌下來。 從此這座教大教堂變成83米高,但仍然非常壯觀。

This is one of those places which will make anyone’s jaw drop as soon as you enter. And I have to admit, although I am not a big fan of religion, I can’t help feeling the tranquility and oasis of serenity inside the cathedral.
從踏入大教堂的一刻,它宏偉的建築必定會讓每一位遊人嘆為觀止。 就算我沒有宗教信仰,但在裡面馬上感覺到它給我帶來的寧靜及心靈上的安穩。

All the visitors inside were walking along the nave, head looking upwards. Maybe some were looking for Him, and others like myself were just in awe of the amazing vaults on the ceiling of this 800 year old structure.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and the service was in progress. I could hear the choir singing behind the choir screen(check out my video below for the live recording). Above the choir screen is the Father Willis Organ, one of the two remaining in English cathedrals that were made by a famous organ builder in the Victorian era, and still retains their original tonal scheme. The organ was installed in Lincoln cathedral in 1898 at a cost of £4675, that’s equivalent to £480k in 2016 terms!
星期日下午正在舉辦主日崇拜,詩歌班正唱出悅耳的歌聲( 記住在貼子尾部欣賞現場錄音詩歌班的視頻)。 主日崇拜在大教堂的前半部,有一道詩歌牆壁隔著。 詩歌牆壁上有一座風琴,全英國只有兩座大教堂,從維多利亞時代保存到現在的原有音符風琴,這是其中一座。它在1898年的建造價是4675英鎊,相等於2016的48萬英鎊!

On the actual choir screen are intricate stone carvings but unfortunately I couldn’t get closer to it as it was cordoned off for the Sunday Service.
詩歌牆壁上了有很多細緻的石刻,可惜因為 正值主月崇拜,遊客不能走近仔細欣賞。

The Service was supposed to finish at 4.30pm and the staff told us that the area behind the choir screen would then be open to visitors till the cathedral closes at 5pm. A bunch of us lingered around waiting, but it seems that He wanted to spend more time with his worshipers that day. In the end I never got to see it so left for a walk, going by the side of the cathedral…
工作人員說,崇拜大概四點半會完結,之後 大教堂前半部分或者會開放參觀,直到大教堂五點關門為止。 我跟其他幾位遊客在大教堂中殿流連等待崇拜完結。但似乎那天祂想跟 崇拜者多相處一點時間。 結果我都沒機會進內參觀。 離開時我沿着大教堂旁邊走…

Round the back past the chapter house…
然後再往後面經過chapter house…

And finally leaving through this archway, a structure designed and built in the past and still stands today.

Here’s a video that I took as I was walking towards the cathedral, listening to the bells chiming. It continues with a 360 degree view of the inside of the cathedral with the choir singing in the background. I hope you enjoy it.
以下視頻是我前往大教堂時在它的鐘聲下拍。之後有一段大教堂裏360度的片段,還剛好配 詩歌班伴唱,希望你會喜歡。

In case you can’t view video in the above link, you can try this as well.