Hello!  Returning back to Taiwan!!!

Hello! Returning back to Taiwan!!!

26th October 2023 0 By livinguktaiwan

Returning back to Taiwan – at last!!!!!!

Three and a half years ago, I left Taiwan for a one month trip to visit family in the UK. Then Covid blew up, everyone was thrown into a different world and I was stranded back home in the UK. Early this year, I finally returned back to Taiwan. Only 34 months later than originally planned. Boy, is it good to be back, even if I have to mask up indoors.

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LivingUKTaiwan handle

For those who’ve gotten to know me in the past few years, my handle Living-UK-Taiwan represents me from the UK but living in Taiwan since 2015 when I started blogging. Taiwan is like my second home and returning back to Taiwan here is such a delight. It’s so good to see small things that are an integral part of Taiwan’s life again, like I’ve never left before. Let me show you some snapshots of everyday life in Taiwan.

Convenience stores

such as 7-11 are an important part of life in Taiwan and you can find one every few streets. I love going into their shops and browsing the products. Simple things like drinks are my favourite. There is such a wide variety.


7-11 often do a lot of special edition cross over products with other brands. I came across this cross over shop with Snoopy the other day, apparently it only opened just before Christmas. Perfect for Snoopy fans. I hear there’s a new cross over store with Sanrio ie Hello Kitty in town as well, I’m going to hunt that down soon 😄


are another integral part of life here. There are 8m cars in Taiwan, but 14m scooters for 24m population!! And yes, the driver is going to ride this scooter with these two gas tanks like this 😁


can be found all over Taiwan. In some places like the rural areas, their presence is even more frequent than 7-11 convenience stores! There is no requirement to wear masks outdoors but many people are so used to wearing them so continue to do so.

Art installations

can be found at many tourist locations because Taiwanese love to take photos. Sometimes they’re a bit random, you just have to get used to it 😊



is probably the most famous must go place when you visit Taiwan. You’ll find at least one in every city with lots of yummy local snacks.



Beef noodles

This is from a well known stall in Taipei. The beef was very tender and succulent, and the noodles had the perfect bite. The soup base was extremely flavoursome and you can enhance the flavour with the orange stuff on top. You want to know what it is? It might give you a heart attack both physically and literally!! It’s beef fat – yummy and delicious 😈 😋 ! And the best thing, this bowl only cost USD4!!!!


Returning back to Taiwan

Returning back to Taiwan is such a joy after so long and this is just a quick snapshot to share some every day life in Taiwan.  Sadly, this return is not permanent and I stayed for 7 weeks only.  However, I will be back with more content about my stay, hopefully more frequent than my recent hiatus!


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