New Zealand adventures Part 3 ~ Hobbiton 新西蘭旅遊篇之三 ~ 霍比屯

New Zealand adventures Part 3 ~ Hobbiton 新西蘭旅遊篇之三 ~ 霍比屯

19th August 2017 5 By livinguktaiwan


Today we’re going to Hobbiton!!!! Actually, I’ve never watched Games of Thrones The Lord of the Rings nor The Hobbit, but it seems like this is a must go in New Zealand so here we are.









The Hobbiton tour is a guided walking tour that last for about two hours. Each tour has around 30 people which is the capacity of the bus and is led by your own tour guide. The first part of the tour is a 3km bus ride to takes you to the actual site which is secluded from the outside. The remoteness was deliberate so people couldn’t see the the film set and what was going on.

I think the worse thing that can happen when visiting Hobbiton is to go on a rainy day. And unlike Milford Sound, today was the day. Luckily, they had big green umbrellas ready for us. Our tour guide Christian led us on the tour introducing us to the different Hobbit Holes and their residents. Most of the people in the tour weren’t actually listening to him, as it was quite a big group and very difficult to hear him if you were at the back. The sea of umbrellas didn’t help either. Moreover, they were too busy taking photos which was understandable. I stayed in the front with Christian and a few others as I wanted to find out a bit more about Hobbiton.
遊覽霍比屯最慘就是下雨,今次我就沒有像米爾福特峽灣那天那麼幸運,真的碰上了下雨天。雖然不是傾盆大雨,但還是需要使用大會提供的雨傘,有點麻煩 。我和其他幾位團友跟著導覽員走,聽他解釋霍比屯的歷史及拍攝花絮,但其他大部份人就沒那麼好耐心,只顧在拍照。其實這也很難怪他們,因為人又多傘又多,除非你站在導覽員旁邊,跟本很難聽到他說話。

It turns out that they originally built 39 Hobbit Holes in the hills then later added another 5. All of them are complete with the beautiful front doors and gardens that you see in the movies, but there were nothing inside the Hobbit Holes as those were all filmed in the studio.

I was told that this big oak tree was a prominent feature in the movies. It is actually a fake tree made out of steel and silicon and silk leaves. And guess where the silk leaves come from? Yes, they were made in Taiwan!!

In the photo here you can see the other tour groups in front of us. Christian said that on average they get about 3000 visitors a day in the winter, and in the summer that can double up to 6000! I can’t imagine how difficult that it would be take decent photos in summer.

Our last stop of the tour was to the Green Dragon inn for a free drink. Hobbitton brew four different types of drinks which are only sold at Hobbiton. Frankly speaking, I think they are ok, nothing to be too excited about.

Although I know nothing about Hobbiton I still enjoyed the tour a lot. My little tip to you if you ever go, is to stay with your tour guide upfront and take some great photos before everyone else, as everyone tends to spend ages taking their own photos so you will always be ahead of them.