WordPress 15th Anniversary

WordPress 15th Anniversary

27th May 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

The other week I was browsing www.meetup.com and was surprised to see an event for WordPress to be held in my city in Taiwan, and it was to coincide with its fifteenth anniversary!

And if you’re not aware of it,  today 27th May is WordPress’s 15th birthday.  There’s an official website about it as well, and it includes details of all the planned events.

I have literally come out from the meet up about an hour ago. There were over 30 attendees which I’d say is a good turnout.  But what surprised me was that there were hardly any bloggers like myself and nearly everyone were website developers or working in similar fields.  In fact I should have figured that out from the meeting agenda which included “Using Advanced Custom Field to customize WordPress” and “Using WordPress: from a UI designer’s perspective”.


Nevertheless, it was an interesting evening to hear about the other side of WordPress and to meet some fellow WordPress users in Taiwan.  I even came away with a few of these official WordPress pins and stickers which came all the way from USA!!!


Happy Birthday WordPress!