Watch showcase~ Cartier (II) 曬曬手錶 ~ 卡地亞之二

Watch showcase~ Cartier (II) 曬曬手錶 ~ 卡地亞之二

25th July 2018 3 By livinguktaiwan

Today I want to share my other Cartier watch with you. The story behind this watch dates back to pretty much when I first start to work … many many years ago.

After I graduated, I worked in UK for a year before I went to work in Hong Kong. I started off doing a few mediocore jobs there. I worked for a local TV station watching TV all day, and then for a PR firm, sounds really glamorous but they work you like a dog. Then I got into a ‘proper’ international company, which happened to be my old company from UK. An Irish guy who was to be my line manager interviewed me. During the interview, he said he wanted another guy who I would be working closely with to meet me as well. That’s always a good sign when they do that. It turned out that the other guy and myself used to work in the same office in London, and we hit off immediately.

I got the job in the end, and they offereed me a monthly salary of HKD10k which is about USD1300 at today’s exchange rate. That was quite a good salary in those days, at least I was very happy as I had hit the 10k mark. In my previous poxy jobs I was only on HKD7k. After I got my first pay check, I decided a celebration was in order and thought why not treat myself a watch. I didn’t know much about watches in those days, and can’t even remember why I choose a Cartier. Maybe it’s because all these stories I heard about them producing quality ladies watches. So I headed down to the Cartier shop in Central, the main central business district in Hong Kong. If you are a serious watch connoisseur in Hong Kong you wouldn’t go directly to the Cartier shop to buy your watches unless money is not an issue. As a newbie I didn’t know that in those days you could get anyting up to 30% or even 40% off from the distributors depending on the brand. Anyway, now I know, and so do you.


The watch I bought is a Cartier Round Vermeil Quartz Argent 925 Ladies Watch. I seem to remember I bought it for HKD7k, which was a big chunk of my pay check back then. However, given I’m still wearing it today, it’s very good value for money even if I paid the full list price for it.


  • Brand : Cartier
  • Model: Vermeil
  • Movement : Quartz
  • Case : Gold plated
  • Diameter : 23mm
  • Glass : Sapphire
  • Dial : White
  • Numerals : Roman numerals
  • Strap : Leather
  • Clasp : Buckle
  • To date, I still wear this watch often. It reminds me of my younger days when I was a newbie at work and when I bought a watch to celebrate my first proper pay check. Do you remember how you celebrated when you got your first pay packet? Did you treat yourself to something nice? Why not drop me a comment and share your story?