The Ethicurean 有理念的餐廳

The Ethicurean 有理念的餐廳

17th April 2018 5 By livinguktaiwan

I don’t normally write restaurant reviews as I have a limited stock of adjectives to describe the food (not the taste). Apart from yummy, delicious, great, I really can’t think of any others. So let’s see how I manage with this gem that I want to talk about.


I first came to The Ethicurean a few years ago when I read some really good reviews about it in the UK national newspaper. It’s located at a small village called Wrington near Bristol, not far from me, nestled up on the the hill facing the Mendips. I sort of knew what the views were going to be like, but since it was night time when I came, all I saw was pitch dark outside. I was determined to come back again one day. That was about 5 years ago. Finally, I returned last month during a visit home.
我第一次到 The Ethicurean是好幾年前,因當時看到英國報紙對它很好的評價。餐廳位於我家附近一處名叫 Wrington 的小村莊,面對 Mendips 小山脈。我知餐廳觀景很開陽,可惜那次是晚上去,漆黑一片甚麼也看不到。我決定之後一定要再去。今年二月回英國老家,終於有機會再回去。

To say The Ethicurean is a restaurant is only partly correctly. It’s actually a restaurant, kitchen garden and artist studio all rolled in one. The reason I like this place is not so much of its food, although it is very good (forgot, there’s a fourth adjective I know) but rather of its setting and ethics on how it’s run.
與其說The Ethicurean 是一家餐廳,應該說它是餐廳,田園,藝術中心三合一的社區較貼切。我欣賞它不只是因為它的食物(品質相當高),還因為它的環境和經營理念。



The restaurant itself is housed in a Victorian glasshouse which has been restored with the kitchen on one side and the dining area on the other side. There’s an open kitchen on the right as you enter. Its quite deep so unless you walk right inside, which I don’t think you’re supposed to, you can smell the food but not really see the chef at work.

On the window sill are bottles of preserved foodstuff and pickles from their garden, you’ll find that they appear on the menu quite a lot.

On the left hand side are a couple of tables for overflow guests but I don’t think its used often as the dining area is quite large. I’ll show you in a minute. Remember I said I like the ethics on how this place is run? This blackboard is what I mean.

Apart from fresh produce from their own walled garden, The Ethicurean have a network of local suppliers where all the produce are sourced ethically, they call it The Ethical West. That’s what I like about it.
餐廳除了自己在田園栽種蔬菜,其他食物都是由附近有共同理念的小型農商提供。它們都被稱為 The Ethical West。

The greenhouse has a wide pane of windows all along the back. Visiting The Ethicurean on a good sunny day is lovely as you get the light coming through all three sides of the dining room. From the inside, you can look out to the walled garden and see everything growing outside. Beyond that is the range of the Mendip Hills.
玻璃屋有一排大窗戶,天朗氣清時去可以感受到陽光從三面湧入室內。從室內又可以望見田園中不同的有機栽種,再往後遙望是 Mendip 小山脈,很舒服。



The best thing I like about The Ethicurean is its rustic decor and scatters of farmhouse relics lying around . It’s very relaxing to dine here, the warm sun ray flushes through the window onto every table giving an airy and comforting feeling, but not annoyingly hot.
我最喜歡餐廳內農村風的裝潢,隨意地擺設了不少鄉村雜物。 陽光從外面湧進玻璃屋內每張桌上, 帶來很溫暖的感覺,但又不會讓人覺得侷束或悶熱。絕對是很適合用餐的地方。



Next time, I’m going to show you how this gorgeous setting turns into a fantastic meal and take you for a walk around the walled gardens.