Seafood feast 來個海鮮大餐

Seafood feast 來個海鮮大餐

24th November 2017 0 By livinguktaiwan

I love seafood and last week when my friend suggested a seafood feast, of course I said yes!! We went to Wuchi seafood market just outside of Taichung City in Taiwan.

從梧棲魚市場的大門口進入,有兩條巷道每側有大概十個攤檔,整個魚市場應該有 40-50個攤檔吧。我之前週末去過梧棲,非常熱鬧,但當天是禮拜三,比較少人。
There are two long aisles inside the market each with around 10 stalls on each side so about 40 – 50 stalls in total. The last time I went was over the weekend and it was packed with people, this time it was Wednesday, so it wasn’t too busy.

And maybe because it was mid week, there was a TV crew filming.

They were just setting up their equipment inside this stall. Maybe they wanted to film these massive fellas!

There was a wide range of seafood available, so much that we had to restrain ourselves from buying everything.

Shopping done, we wandered outside of the actual wet market to the stalls selling food and dry food stuffs. These barbeque cuttlefish smelt so good that we couldn’t resist not buying one.

This stall sells seafood snacks. These are dried anchovies.PSX_20171124_213311

The curly fluffy bits are cuttlefish and squid, and inside the packets are fish pieces. We bought some dried cuttlefish, they’re great to go with a glass of cold beer.PSX_20171124_213232

It was nearly sunset by the time we were ready to go home.PSX_20171124_213408PSX_20171124_213500
講了這麼多有關我去魚市場的經歷,當然要分享我的海鮮大餐。烤蜆,鹽焗蝦和鹽焗紅蟳 …
And here’s our seafood feast. We had baked clams, salt baked prawns and salt baked crabs….PSX_20171124_132324

白灼蝦(鮮蝦子最美味的煮法),蒜頭九層塔炒蜆,還有海鮮大餐一定不能缺少的清蒸大魚。誠惠每位 USD15,正是本地人說的 CP值超高。
Blanched prawns (the best way to have prawns), stir fry clams with basil and garlic, and a must when having seafood the Chinese way – steamed fish. All this for USD15 per person. Bon appetite!PSX_20171124_132446 (1)