Salt ponds at Peru Maras  秘魯採鹽

Salt ponds at Peru Maras 秘魯採鹽

9th January 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

This was taken during my previous trip to Peru, the Maras Salt Mine (Salineras de Maras). There are over 6000 salt ponds dug into the mountain, each about 4 sqm big and no more than 30cm deep. Natural salty water flows down from an ancient stream into these ponds. When the water is evaporated, the salt farmers carefully scrape the crystalised salt and sells them nearby. Here is one of workers checking on her salt pond.

這是之前去秘魯旅行其中一個景點, 在Maras山邊的鹽田。這裡一共有6000多個小鹽池,每個約4平方米大,深30厘米。從山上流到鹽田的水源有天然鹹味礦物質,當太陽把水份蒸發後,工人就會小心翼翼刮走剩下的鹽巴,到附近市場販買。這個工人正在整理她的鹽田。