Red Arrows walk 去遠足看紅箭飛行隊表演

Red Arrows walk 去遠足看紅箭飛行隊表演

10th July 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

If you’re ever in UK in the summer, check out the Red Arrows performance to see if they’re coming anywhere near you.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed with their performance.  Today I’ll take you on a walk through an unusual landscape and stop on the way to watch this remarkable performance.
如果你夏天到英國旅行,我推薦一定要找機會看英國皇家空軍特技飛行隊,紅箭飛行隊的表演。 我擔保一定讓你看到目定口呆,是一個難忘的經驗。 前幾年我去遠足之餘,順便去看這個很出色的表演。
Red Arrows



In 2014 I went on a walk to Caesar’s Camp near Farnborough in UK, this was a kill two birds with one stone walk. The first bird is the walk itself.  Caesar’s Camp is located on a hillfort which is 177m above sea level and dates back to the Iron Ages.  It has an invaluable heathland with many natural wildlife habitat and protected species.  When I went in July, the heathland was covered in beautiful purple heather in many places.   That alone makes it a lovely walk.
遠足地點是Caesar’s Camp ,它位於小山丘上地勢獨特,而遠在鐵器時代更有座防衛古堡。 我在7月份去的時候開滿遍地石屬藍,非常美麗。
Caesar's Camp

Casear's Camp

This walk is probably one the most interesting ones that I’ve done in England due to its diverse landscape.  There were mild undulating terrain as I started off my walk towards the woods.  Then the landscape gradually changed from open heathland to towering trees.
除了石楠外, 沿途有不少高高低低的小山坡,而走進樹林後還有高大的樹木。
Caesars Camp

I even found this fallen tree on the ground, luckily I managed to walk across it without falling off!


The most interesting thing about Caesar’s Camp is that it is owned by the MOD – the Military of Defence in UK and is used for military training.  There were quite a lot of signs around warning walkers of the danger and not to wander off piste which added a little bit of excitement for us ramblers.  However, I believe the MOD training is conducted in another part of this area which is closed off to the public otherwise it would be rather inconvenient and dangerous to do combat training when you have walkers roaming around!
Caesar’s Camp 最特別之處,是屬於英國國防部擁有。平時會在哪裏用作訓練軍人之地。 所以周圍見到不少警告指示牌, 叫行人要小心。 不過,聽說訓練軍人的地方並沒有開放給公眾人士,否則就會有點危險及釀成大家不方便。



Not long after I came out of the woods I approached a wide sandy track.  This is another unusual feature of this walk because it looks like you’re on a beach but you’re not really.  The wide track is man made so the military and their vehicles can come through for training easily.
從樹林走出來,有這一條很寬闊的沙道,亦是這次遠足的另一特點。 道路上滿是幼沙,感覺像在沙灘上但其實這裏是內陸地方。 很有趣。 這條道路建到這樣寬闊是方便國防部在練習時可以把大型車輛駛進來。

Now I’ve finally got to where I want to be – the hilltop to watch the Red Arrows.  That’s where you can see dots of people at the back, and is the second bird of my killing two birds with one stone walk.

Here’s my viewpoint from the hill top looking to The Farnborough Airshow.  The Red Arrows were performing as part of The Farnborough Airshow, the world’s second largest air show after the Paris one.  These two are held every alternate year, Farnborough in even years and Paris in odd years.  I arrived just in time to see the A380.  You may think there’s nothing special about the A380 as they’re flying all over the world now, but remember this was 2014, and the A380 made its inaugural flight in 2015, so this is where things happen in the aviation industry.
從這裏可以遠看Farnborough航空展。這航空展是僅次於巴黎航空展全世界展第二大形。 我到達時剛看到A380航機在起飛。 大家可能覺得這沒有什麼特別,因為A380現在已在多間航空公司投入服務,而可能大家也是乘搭過。 但當年是2014年,而A380首次飛行是在2015年噢!
A380 at the Farnborough Air Show



The highlight of the day was of course watching the Red Arrows perform.  Here’s them ready to take off, and then performing in mid air.  I wish you could hear the roar of the engines and the excitement all around, it’s absolutely electrifying.
終於等到紅箭飛行隊的表演。他們從地上出發前已噴出著名的紅白藍煙,一直飛到天空作出各樣花式表演, 又利用紅白藍煙在天空上畫出不同圖案, 精湛的技術簡直是無人可及,
Red Arrows at Farnborough Airshow

Red Arrows at Farnborough Airshow


Isn’t this remarkable?  I’ve you enjoyed this so far, make sure you’re following me because I do have some videos from the day but I need to edit them first before I can share them with you.  Stay tune for next time!
單看這幾張照片,是否很精彩呢? 當天我也拍了些視頻,但需要先整理,下回再跟大家分享。