New Zealand adventures Part 7 (final) Foodie Journey 紐西蘭旅遊篇之七(完結)~ 美食篇

New Zealand adventures Part 7 (final) Foodie Journey 紐西蘭旅遊篇之七(完結)~ 美食篇

23rd September 2017 5 By livinguktaiwan

Today I’m going to take you on my foodie journey across New Zealand. I won’t be showing you pretty plates of food from restaurants, but rather my joy and experience during the foodie journey.


New Zealand lamb has to be one of its if not the most famous food. So famous that even us Brits often buy it in the supermarkets in UK. My first roast lamb meal was from a place called Pedro’s House of Lamb, and they sell one dish only ~ slow roast shoulder of lamb with scalloped potatoes.

紐西蘭最著名的食物應該是羊肉。就算在英國的超市也有出售,不少英國人很喜歡在家烤焗紐西蘭羊肉。我在紐西蘭吃的第一餐烤羊是在這一家 Pedro’s House of Lamb 買外賣。他們只售獨沽一味慢烤羊肩配馬鈴薯片。


Each portion of lamb is enough for 2 to 3 people and we bought 2 portions as we all like roast lamb very much. Here’s the guy adding the finishing touches to ours.


The lamb was very succulent and delicious especially since I’ve been deprived of a decent roast since I left UK over a year ago. It was a slow roast, thus very tender, not my preferred roast texture, but hey, I’m not complaining.


Another time we did our own roast as our accommodation had a proper kitchen. We found a good butcher nearby and got our meat there. When we arrived, my husband who is a football fan was surprised to find that the owner and his staff were all football fans (NZ is a big rugby nation), and even more delighted that they were Arsenal fans like him. Of course they hit off immediately and had a good old lads banter!

另外有一天,住宿地方裹的廚房有個大烤箱,於是我們到附近的鮮肉店買新鮮羊肉。 我的另一半是超級足球粉絲,到店裡的時候很驚訝原來店裏的老闆及員工也是同道中人(因為紐西蘭一般較喜愛橄欖球)。而當他發現大家跟都是阿仙奴球迷,更加開心地與店裏的員工聊得很高興,打成一片。nz7_12a

Here’s our home roast lamb roasted to perfection just as I like it. Yummy!


There are a few salmon farms near Lake Takepo and since we were staying nearby for two nights we had salmon feast two nights in a row. The first night was pan fried salmon. Although the outside looks a little bit burnt, the salmon flesh was still very fresh and juicy inside.


The next evening we had salmon pasta and Lohikeitto. Fresh pasta is something that is not very common in Taiwan but it taste so much better than the dried ones so I was really happy when I saw it at the local supermarket. Lohikeitto is a Finnish salmon and potato soup and I first tried it on holiday in Finland. It is very simple to make and extremely satisfying to have on a cold winter’s evening.


We dined at quite a few nice restaurants in NZ but I don’t want to bore you with the photos as my photos don’t do the dishes justice. However I do want to take you to this lovely cafe called The Running Duck which is located in a little town called Geraldine, mid way between Lake Takepo to Christchurch.

其實我們也有去不少餐廳用餐,但我不準備在這裡與你分享餐廳美食的照片,因為我拍出來的照片跟真實差很遠,不能真正表達它們的色香味。 但我想帶你到這一家我覺得很有趣的咖啡店The Running Duck ,位於特卡波湖到基督城路途上一個叫 Geraldine 的小鎮。nz7_02

The cafe serves burgers and shakes, and the interior has a very laid back feel like you’re on a Kiwi holiday. When you order your food, they give you one of these plastic toys. Can you guess why?


Here’s mine on my table.


It’s actually used to help the waiter deliver your order! I think its so much more fun than a normal number plates.


Markets are fantastic places that I love to visit when on holiday. I think they help to understand how the locals live and what they eat. This fruit and veg market in Wellington only opens on Sunday mornings, and you can see all the different types of colourful produce on display. It’s not a very big market and was raining that morning so we only stayed for about half an hour.


The other market I went to was Auckland Fish Market. I absolutely love seafood so we planned a home cooked seafood feast for our last meal in NZ as we were leaving the next day. The ‘market’ was smaller than I had expected, maybe because it was open to the public and there’s another wholesale market nearby. I’m not sure.

在奧克蘭我去了當地的鮮魚市場。我十分喜愛吃海鮮,而且在奧克蘭那一天是我們在紐西蘭的最後一晚,所以決定來一個海鮮大餐。 魚市場比我想像中小,不知是否因為這部分只開放給觀公眾,而另外還有一個較大的批發市場,我也不太清楚。nz7_17
Anyway they still had a wide selection of seafood including Paua, which is black abalone. Normal white abalone is a delicacy for the Chinese and very expensive. I’ve never tried the black ones before so we bought two, as well as a cuttlefish and fresh scallops for our seafood feast. Given it was our last meal in NZ, we decided to pig out and also bought a lamb rack and two pieces of local steak from the supermarket.

儘管如此,魚市場內也有不少海鮮可供選擇,包括紐西蘭著名的黑鮑魚。鮑魚是中國人超愛吃的佳餚,而我們也沒試過黑鮑魚,所以就買了兩隻試試,另外再加一隻魷魚及新鮮干貝。 因為這是我們在紐西蘭最後的晚餐,結果我們到超市也買了一份羊架和兩塊本地的牛排,來一個海鮮肉總匯。nz7_10

We sliced the Paua to thin slices and blanched it for about 20 seconds just like the guy at the market taught us. Personally I thin the Paua is a bit overrated and doesn’t taste as nice as the normal ones. Well, you never know unless you try!

The rest of the meal was scrumptious, perfect to round off our NZ holiday.

If you ask me about my favourite food in NZ, its none of the above, nor the many wonderful restaurants we went to. It’s actually this delicious bottle of chocolate milk that I discovered at the supermarket. I love chocolate milk but its difficult to find one that has a creamy milk texture balanced by a rich chocolate flavour. This one does the job. Simplicity at its best.


This New Zealand foodie journey is the last in my series of New Zealand Adventures. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.


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