Migrating my WordPress website – Can you see it?

14th June 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

This week I have been working to migrate my website from WordPress to a self hosted one.  There were quite a few minor glitches during the migration, but luckily my husband helped with a lot of the technical stuff.  I think I’ve resolved them all now, and you should now see http://www.livinguktaiwan.com/  on your reader.  I made a new post yesterday about A Memorable Birthday, so if you can see that, you’re at the right place.  You should be seeing the bottom section of the photo which has the new url and the addtional post.

The rest of the look and feel of my site should be the same as before,  apart from the feature photos for the post that weren’t migrated over.  I have manually added them back for the  most recent ones.  If you do happen to notice anything funny, like if you can’t find the like button ^_^  or anything looks out of place, please do let me know.  Just drop me a comment on any of my posts so I know if everything is working fine (or not).  I’d really appreciate that.  By the way, worse case if you really can’t leave a comment, please tell me on my old website, that is still up though I won’t be updating that anymore.  Thanks a lot!