懷念港式雲吞 How to make Hong Kong style wonton

懷念港式雲吞 How to make Hong Kong style wonton

10th November 2017 3 By livinguktaiwan

在外地住的弊處是有時會很懷念家鄉的食物。 幸好我很喜歡煮東西,所以這個問題也不算太大。今天我煮了我在香港居住時很喜愛吃的雲吞。
The worse thing about living in another country is sometimes you crave for food from back home. Luckily I enjoy cooking as one of my hobbies so most of the time its not too much of a problem. Today I have made wonton, one of my favorite quick meals from when I was living in Hong Kong.wt01

Wonton are little dumplings and is normally cooked in soup (you can deep fry them as well). I couldn’t find the wrappings in Taiwan so I bought some back with me during my recent trip to Hong Kong.wt02

The main ingredients to make wonton are pork and prawns. There is also a secret ingredient that you need to add to the wonton to get the authentic taste and that is flat fish powder. Adding that takes the wonton to another level.wt03

現在讓我向大家介紹如何做雲吞。其實方法非常的簡單。首先把蝦洗乾淨,脫殼及清理腸臟。 蝦殼不要掉,因為我會用它來煮雲吞的高湯。
Let me show you how to make the wontons. It’s actually very easy. First de-shell and de-vein the prawns. I kept the prawn shells as I’m going to use it to make a stock for my wonton soup base.wt05

Next chop the prawns coarsely, I don’t want to chop it too fine as I like to have bits of prawns in my wonton.wt06

Next I’m going to make my stock as I want to reduce it down and that will take a few hours. I’ve added some dried shrimps to it to enhance the flavour.wt07

這是包雲吞用的豬肉餡。 我比較喜歡豬肉餡有多一點點油脂,但是超市只有這些,唯有將就一下。 我把切好的蝦肉跟豬肉混在一起,然後加調味料。(家裡唯一的一個大盆子是烤麵包用,所以唯有用平底鍋。)我覺得這一唯部分最困難,因為比較難掌握加多少調味料才對。 我的解決方法是把一小球的餡料放在熱水煮熟試味,不夠味道就繼續調。我結果調了三次才覺得滿意。
Here’s the mince pork for the filling. This is a bit too lean for my liking, normally I like a little bit more fat in the mince pork but this is all they had in the supermarket. I’m going to mix the prawns and pork together and season it.  (I had to use a saucepan for this as the only big bowl I have at home is for bread baking.) I find this part the most difficult as I don’t use precise measurements. So I always test it by cooking a little in boiled water first. It took me three attempts to get the seasoning right.  wt08

Now I’m ready to make the wontons. First put some filling onto the wrapping, I like my food bite size.  Also I think they look much nicer when cooked. I’ll show you what I mean later on. Now I’m going to wrap the wonton. Let me show you how easy it is.


I’ve wrapped all 120 wontons now, it took me about half an hour. I’m going to put most of them in the freezer for when I have a craving in future. I will have the rest for dinner tonight.wt09

My fish stock is coming along nicely, everytime I lift the lid to check it I can smell the lovely prawn aroma.

今晚吃雲吞河粉。河粉已經是熟的,所以只要在熱水裏輕輕燙1至2分鐘就好,不要燙太久否則可能會糊掉。 然後把雲吞在熱水中稍為浸一下,把雲吞皮上多餘的粉沖走。 最後把雲吞加到蝦子湯底,煮6至7分鐘熟透就可以。
I’m going to have my wonton with ho fan tonight. This is flat noodles made from rice not flour, so its great if you’re on a gluten free diet. Ho fan is cooked already, so all it needs is one or two minutes in hot water to soften it. Don’t overcook it otherwise it will go all mushy. Next, I’m going to blanch the wonton to get rid of the excess flour on the wrapping. Finally I’m going to finish cooking it in the stock. That should take about 6 or 7 minutes.wt10wt13.jpg


Dinner’s ready!  And I’ve also prepared some Chinese tea to drink afterwards.  Bon appetite!

還有,記得我之前說一小口的雲吞比較好看嗎?你覺得這顆雲吞像一條小金魚的尾巴嗎? 很可愛喔!
By the way, remember I said I like my wonton bite size and it looks nicer? Don’t you think this looks like a goldfish tail?