Hanging over my head accident

Hanging over my head accident

3rd July 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

Literally! This is the ceiling light in my flat at the moment. It’s hanging over my head, but not in the way it should be.

今天用一個真實例子來教一句英文 “hanging over my head” 。從字面解釋是吊在頭上,實際上是甚麼意思?讓我用今天家裡發生的小意外解釋一下。

Hanging over my head


This morning I stepped onto one of the dining chairs to take a photo of something on the dining table. I forgot the light was above me and bumped the back of my head against one of the lamp shades.  Suddenly I saw the light drop in front of my eyes and didn’t even feel the pain in my head! I panicked and quickly caught hold of the lamp in case it continued to drop. Luckily, only one of the three supporting steel wires snapped and the two other were still in place. The light was hanging on one side.

話說今天我想從較高位置拍照桌面上的物品。個子矮小的我踏上餐椅,但忘記吊燈在頭上。突然”棒” 一聲後腦勺撞到其中一個燈罩,然後半盞燈往下跌。我連忙抓住吊燈,以防整支燈掉下來。原來是其中一根鋼線斷了。

Hanging over my head


I don’t have a photo of what the light looks like, but theere are 8 irregular lamp shades that fit together to form a ring.  Each are made of 10mm thick glass and weigh 600g. That’s nearly 5kg loading if you include the light bulbs! Hubby quickly unscrewed all the light bulbs and lamp shades as I continued to stand on the chair supporting the light. The frame is made of aluminium and is quite light, and the other two wires seemed quite secure so I think it’s OK for the time being.

Only once everyything was removed did I dare to let go and step off the chair. That’s when I noticed the pain from the back of my head. There’s no bump or bruise or anything (yet) , and I’m not feeling nausea. So I think I should be OK. It’s probably just the pain from the impact. Hopefully it will wear away very soon.

吊燈有8個燈罩,每個用10mm強化玻璃做,重600g 。連電燈泡,總重量有5kg。我繼續站在椅子上抓住吊燈,而老公就趕快拆下電燈泡和燈罩。幸好其他兩根鋼線沒事,剩下的燈圈是用鋁做,不重,所以應該不會掉下來。到安全回到地面上,我才覺得後腦勺有點痛,應該是剛才撞擊時引起。幸好後腦勺(暫時)沒有瘀傷,而我又沒有頭暈或嘔吐的感覺,相信沒事吧。


The landlord said he’s going to send someone round on Monday. So in the mean while, I fully know what the idiom “hanging over my head” means even though I know its safe.

房東說禮拜一派人來處理,所以吊燈現在吊在頭上。雖然知道沒危險,但它就讓我想起 hanging over my head 這句話 ,意思是 “有些事情讓人擔心”。