An arty cafe 畫家咖啡店

An arty cafe 畫家咖啡店

12th May 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

I often pass by a rather arty cafe nearby where I live in Taiwan and have always wanted to try it out. The other week I had no food at home so figured it was the perfect opportunity to go there for brunch. You can check out my video below for a tour of the cafe, but here’s a quick overview of it first.

經常經過家附近這家咖啡店,一直都很想去嘗試但都未有機會。前星期有天發現家裏沒食物,所以就到那到咖啡店吃午餐。 在以下視頻中我會帶大家看看咖啡店,但首先讓我簡單的介紹一下。


The cafe is called CMYK Gallery. As you walk through the front door, the door handle is already a bit of a giveaway.

咖啡店名叫 CMYK Gallery,從大門口的扶手以略猜到它的主題。


The lower floor is the cafe area which sits about 20 people. They actually do a mean chicken salad which I want to show you first before I move onto the best part of the cafe. Surprisingly, I managed to finish the entire bowl which is not often I do that as I have a very small appetite.

樓下家咖啡店面可坐大慨二十人。我點了他們的雞胸沙拉。 雞胸是用舒肥法烹調,所以原汁原味很軟,沙拉又新鮮。平時我不太能吃,但這一盤子沙拉卻我吃完。


By the way, they have a resident cat, if you’re a cat lover, you’ll like this place as well. I think this the cat’s private seat because as soon as the customers left, it pounced on the sofa immediately to enjoy the sun shine.

愛貓一族我覺得你一定會很喜歡這裏。 貓咪在客人離開後馬上跳到這座沙發上曬太陽。 我看這裏應該是他的私人座位。


Upstairs is the studio and my favourite part of the cafe. I loved how they separate the cafe area on this floor from the studio. The colourful bottles of paint line up the partition wall and and lots of art work are scattered around the studio.

我最喜歡樓上的畫廊。畫廊中間有一排架子放滿七彩繽紛的顏料,架子把畫廊及咖啡店部分隔開。 周圍擺上不少完成的作品。




You can paint here for up to four hours and it cost between USD19 to USD68 depending on the canvas size you choose. It also includes a drink and all the paint and utensils and a bunch of art books for reference.



I’m not sure if it includes tuition, I guess maybe not because here’s how it operates.



Before I left I was admiring this massive drip coffee filter downstairs in the cafe. The barista told me that it uses ice and not hot water to make the coffee. The ice is placed in the top dome and it drips every 3 seconds. It takes 8 hours to make a litre of coffee, and in between the ice has to be replaced with fresh ones to avoid it from melting too fast. Afterwards, I even got a glass of drip coffee on the house!

之後我回到樓下咖啡店欣賞這一台滴咖啡機。 職員說這台滴咖啡機是使用冰塊而不是熱開水。冰塊放在頂部的玻璃球裏,每三秒鐘滴一滴,整個過程需要八小時可以滴的一公升咖啡。過程中需要換冰塊否則冰塊會溶掉。 經職員講解後,他還送我一杯滴咖啡品嚐,很窩心哦。


Check out my video here