A traditional English aristocracy garden – Chatsworth House 英式傳統貴族花園 ~ 查茲沃斯莊園

A traditional English aristocracy garden – Chatsworth House 英式傳統貴族花園 ~ 查茲沃斯莊園

17th February 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

In my last post about Chatsworth House, I took you around the inside of the house and the lavish dining room. Now, let me take you outside to the Garden.

Chatsworth has a 105 acre large garden, just slightly smaller than the Vatican City which is 110 acres. Apparently they employ 20 full time gardeners to maintain the garden! In the garden, there are many interesting features and landscape which one can visit as you walk around the park. Since I spent so much time inside the dining room, I only managed to walk a small part of the garden nearby the house. Here are a few snapshots.
查茲沃斯莊園戶外花園有105英畝大,比起梵蒂岡城的 110英畝只是小一點點而已。這裡聞說需要20位園丁打理!花園綠草如茵,鳥語花香,如果有時間慢慢散步,可以欣賞園內如畫般的風景,和各式各樣的精湛園藝設計。可惜我之前在大宅內花了太多時間,在花園就只能走馬看花。






My favourite feature without a doubt, is also the most remarkable feature of the garden, The Cascade. This is a long staircase with 24 steps and shallow water flowing down from the Cascade Pond at the top of the hill to the garden at the bottom. The cut and texture of each step is different so when the water flows over it makes a different sound.
眾多園藝中,我至愛後花園的 The Cascade。這是一個有 24梯級的大樓梯,表面流着淺淺的水。它的設計特別於每一級樓梯的切割和質感都不一樣,所以流水聲各有特色。


There were lots of people playing on The cascade so I couldn’t really hear the differences in the sound of the water flow. However, listening to the beautiful laughter of children playing was just as enjoyable. I don’t normally take photos of children in public in case their parents object, but I just couldn’t resist taking a photo of this little girl running down the steps. With her bare little feet, arms raised up, the sweetest smile I have ever seen, and the on looking little boy as if he is there to protect her, she looked so angelic. I really wish I could find her mother to give her this photo as this is one of the my favourite photos.
當天有很多人在 The Cascade 附近參觀,也有小孩子脫了鞋子在嬉戲,所以我並沒有留心聽流水音樂。反而小孩子快樂的笑聲很悅耳。平時我不會隨便替小孩子拍照,因為怕人家父母不喜歡。但我看到這個天真小女孩在梯級上奔跑,燦爛的笑容,微微張開雙手,還有旁邊小男孩像在守護着她,美得像個赤腳小天使,忍不著要抓住這珍貴的一刻。這照片是我最喜愛的一張,真有衝動想找女孩的媽媽送給她。


I went in the summer of 2012, that year was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne) and we hosted the London Olympic Games. The entire country was in a jubilant mood and street parties were making a comeback from the old post war days. Chatsworth House had laid out a long long table in the garden for people to enjoy their picnics – you can see the long stretch of tables in the first photo of this post. It was fantastic to see strangers sitting together chatting to one another enjoying their dayout.
我去查茲沃斯莊園時是 2012年夏天,當年是英女皇鑽禧紀念(登基 60年),而且我們又舉辦倫敦奧運會。整個英國都彌漫著一片歡樂氣氛,戰後很流行的社區街頭派對又再度流行起來。查茲沃斯莊園在大宅外放了一張有大宅那麼長的桌子 – 從第一張照片中就可以看到有多長。互不相識的陌生人大家坐一起,享用自備的野餐,一起聊天,一起享受這美好的一天,很開心喔!



The Brits are often said to have a stiff upper lip, and I would like to demystify this. All you have to do, is visit us sometime, and I’m sure you will love what you see.