A stroll around a traditional English village 英式傳統小村莊散步 Castle Combe

A stroll around a traditional English village 英式傳統小村莊散步 Castle Combe

22nd February 2018 5 By livinguktaiwan

Continuing with my visit to the picturesque village of Castle Combe, today I will take you on short stroll through this charming village. If you missed my previous post, you can read it here.
繼續我在 Castle Combe 一日遊。今天會在村莊裡散步。如果你錯過了我之前的帖子,可以在這裡閱讀


Lets start our stroll at the Castle Inn, next to the market cross. There are three pubs in this little square so I think maybe it does get quite busy in the summer. Normally I would have dropped by for a drink as I love these quaint little village pubs, but as I’ve already said, we’re going for afternoon tea later on, so we’ll skip the drink today.


A little further on is the butter cross right in the middle of the road, we’ll walk down this road towards the Bybrook River.
過一點就是路中央的奶油十字架,從這裡往前走就是Bybrook River。


Here’s Eileen Cottage, seems like Eileen is a baker. She runs an honesty store selling her home baked cakes. The cakes looks delicious and I was very tempted to buy some.


Each of the house along the road have their own little quirky character. This one has a beautifully engraved gutter running alongside the front of the house.


This house is called the Reading Room Cottage. The owner must be a book lover.


I love the unicorn above the wooden front door here.


And this post office is still in use today. Like many of the older post offices, the traditional red letter box is built into the house.


It was really pleasant strolling down this lovely road. When this old vintage car drove past I felt as I had gone back to the old days.


The end of the road meets with the Bybrook River, and there’s another row of houses facing the Manor House Hotel across the road where we will go for afternoon tea.
這條街的另一端是 Bybrook River,河邊有一排小屋面對 Manor House Hotel。噢,這就是我去英式下午茶的地點。



In my first post, I did promise afternoon tea today, but there is so much to show you in this little village that I’ve written a bit more than expected. Afternoon tea (post) is ready and will come afterwards. Scouts honour.