??⛪New Zealand adventures Part 6 Cathedral Cove 紐西蘭旅遊篇之六 ~ 大教堂拱門⛪??

??⛪New Zealand adventures Part 6 Cathedral Cove 紐西蘭旅遊篇之六 ~ 大教堂拱門⛪??

8th September 2017 5 By livinguktaiwan

Hello everyone, today we’re going to Cathedral Cove, a peninsula on the north east side on New Zealand, and is named after this beautiful arch on the beach.
大家好! 今天我們去 Cathedral Cove, 紐西蘭東北部的一個半島 。因沙灘上有一座美麗的石拱門而得名。nz6_01

We stayed here for one night at a place called The Church and were the only guests as it was the low season. The rooms are all individual cottages, and are positioned so that no one can see directly into someone else’s cottage. It’s very secluded and quiet. Here’s our cottage, its quite compact, but has a patio door leading out to a lovely garden area.
我們在 Cathedral Cove只逗留一個晚上,因為是冬季所以旅館並沒有其他顧客。這裡的房間全是獨立小屋,大窗全部都對同一方向絕不會看到別人的房間,私隱度高又寧靜,很有心思。這是我住的小屋,麻雀雖小五臟俱全,還有一度門通往花園。nz6_02nz6_03

And here’s the little balcony outside our cottage, it was very relaxing to sit here in the morning and soak in the new day.

Cathedral Cove itself is very small, and during the winter most places are closed. We arrived quite late in the evening and were told that there was only one place open for dinner, the other option was about half an hours drive away. So we went to this restaurant. They have their own microbrewery, and here’s a selection of their own beers. For a restaurant that has monopoly in the winter, their food, service, quality and price was extremely reasonable and good value and they didn’t attempt to rip off customers at all.
Cathedral Cove 是個小社區,冬季很多店都關門不做生意。晚上到達時,旅館老闆告訴我們附近只有一家餐廳還在營業,要別的選擇要開車半小時,於是我們就到他推薦的餐廳。雖然這餐廳在冬季完全沒有競爭,但他們沒有因此而大幅加價,無論服務,食物品質至價格都很合理,非常難得。餐廳旁還有一個微型釀酒廠,生產的啤酒就在店裏賣。nz6_07nz6_06nz6_05

The next morning we went for a walk to the beach. It was a very pleasant walk that took about half an hour walking down towards the beach. On the one side of the route was this amazing scenery of Cathedral Cove, and on the other side the breath taking view of the South Pacific Ocean and the many small outlying islands. For anyone who’s been to Hong Kong before, do you think this looks like the famous Lion Rock?
第二天上午,我們到附近沙灘散步,只需大概半小時,很輕鬆。沿途上風景很開揚,左邊是 Cathedral Cove遠景,右邊是一望無際的南太平洋和一些不知名石頭小島。有去過香港的朋友,你覺得這座石頭像著名的獅子山嗎?nz6_09nz6_08nz6_10

Once we got onto the beach, I was dumbstruck by this amazing rock archway. There were lots of people there taking photos, and I wanted to take one of the entire arch way. Just as I had set up my camera, a group of girls appeared to take a selfie and spent ages taking a lot of shots. In the end I decided to shoot them (excuse the pun) as well which I thought turned out quite nice.
我們很快走到沙灘,看到那石頭拱門我真的是目定口呆,很漂亮噢! 沙灘上有不少其他遊客在拍照,而我也在構思拍一張拱門的遠景和後面的海洋。正當我準備好相機,突然一群女生走到拱門下自拍,還鬧了很久不走。結果我就決定把她們加入我的照片裡,效果也不錯耶!nz6_11

On the other side of the archway is Mare’s Leg Cove, a beautiful stretch of sandy beach. Out in the ocean is a diamond shape boulder called The Sphinx. Do you think it looks like a sphinx? It was lovely to see the children playing on the beach, but seeing them in their shorts I felt a little bit overdressed, like a granny who is afraid of the cold. Actually, it was a bit chilly that morning …
石頭拱門另一邊是 Mare’s Leg Cove,水清沙幼。大海那邊有一座鑽石型大石頭,名叫獅身人面像。你覺得像嗎?我常常想,沙灘應該有小孩子在嬉戲才像沙灘,所以看到兩個小妹妹在海邊跑來跑去的情景非常開心。相比小妹妹穿著短褲子,我覺得我那天穿得好像有點像一個怕冷的阿嬤。其實那天,天氣真是有點冷噢 …nz6_12nz6_13

In the afternoon, we went on a boat trip out to the Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve in the Glass Bottom Boat. The boat was quite small carrying only 12 passengers and the skipper took us around the beautiful coast line. We passed by the Cathedral Cove and The Sphinx from this morning, and got to see the stunning view from the ocean side.
下午我們坐玻璃船出海到 Cathedral Cove 海洋保護區。船隻很小最多只能載12人,但船長很熱情,一邊開船載我們遊覽迷人的海岸,一邊跟我們講解當地趣事和歷史。我們經過早上剛去過的石頭拱門和獅身人面像,在海上看又是另一種感覺。nz6_14nz6_15nz6_16nz6_17

When we got to the marine reserve area, the skipper opened up the floor to reveal the glass bottom so we could view the the ocean. There was a shoal of minnows, and the larger fish were quite friendly.  They weren’t afraid of us at all and swam very near to our boat as if they were saying hello.

A couple of minutes later things started to go downhill for me. I started to get sea motion sickness and had to ask the skipper for a sick bag. He jokingly told me to be careful and not break the bag in case we needed to reuse it! Luckily I didn’t need to use it in the end. As the afternoon drew to an end, the sea was getting a bit choppy, the skipper took us on a final spin and sped back to the harbour. Just looking back at these photos now gives me motion sickness, I think I’d better log off now. See you again very soon!