Watch showcase 曬曬手錶  – Fitbit

Watch showcase 曬曬手錶 – Fitbit

18th August 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

I have actually written about this watch 10 months ago before I started this Watch showcase series. In order for it (the watch) to not feel left out, I thought I’d write an update so I can include it with the rest of my watches.  Unlike all my other watches, this is a practical watch more than anything else, and does a lot more than just tell the time.  This is my Fitbit, my first and only fitness tracking device.  Actually, strictly speaking the blue one you see in this photo is my second one, but its a free replacement for my first one.
未開始寫我的曬曬手錶系列之前,我於去年已寫過我的智慧型健身手錶Fitbit。智慧型健身手錶的出現,可以說是見證時代的變遷。手錶本身的功能在這個產品的出現後,已變成次要。去年寫文章時,我第一隻Fitbit的零件脫落,他們免費換一隻新的給我。十個月後免費更換的一隻又出了問題,不能跟我的手機系統連上。加上手錶的時間又不能調較,令到這隻手錶已不能再用。 Fitbit壞了,我再沒藉口不帶其他的手錶。他們又可以重見天日!

In my old company in UK, we had a bonus point scheme where staff would be given points for recognition of good work done.   Staff can use these points to exchange a wide range of products and services just like you do with credit card points.  When I quit work to move to Taiwan at the end of 2016, I had just enough points to exchange a pair of Fitbit watches.  To be honest there wasn’t many other options and I didn’t want a bunch of supermarket vouchers as they wouldn’t be much use to me if I was leaving the country.  So this Fitbit didn’t cost me anything.  Once I started wearing the Fitbit there was quite a change in my lifestyle.  For a start, I didn’t wear my other watches anymore as it was a bit overkill to wear two watches, especially when the Fitbit was a totally different style.  Secondly, I became more aware of my body and sleeping habit as the Fitbit had this pulse reader that tracks my heartbeat.  So I ended up wearing it 24 x 7 as  it has an alarm as well.

A year and a half after I got my watch, the front split and I had to use sellotape to stick it together.  Luckily Fitbit does a free replacement within two years of European purchase, and within 2 weeks a spanking new one came through the post!!!



Fitbit was founded in 2007 and their primary products are wearable fitness devices that tracks your daily activities.  Compared to other traditional watch companies they are very new.  In fact I’m not sure you should really call them a watch company since their products are called devices rather than watches.  Fitbit is a perfect example of the changing world, how the simple purpose of one personal item develops into something much more complex, and actually ends up becoming the secondary function of the new development.


The model of my Fitbit is Charge HR, it has many functions including step count and distance tracking which I guess is standard in all these type of devices.  The HR in the model name stands for heart rate which is one of their unique feature, and one that I found really useful.  The pulse reader on the back of the watch tracks your heart rate.  As to how accurate it is, is another matter because these aren’t precise medical equipment after all.  But for a layman like me, approximation will do.  Certainly, looking at this diagram from my dashboard,  I think it does do its job.  From Jan 2016 when I quit my job to April 2016 when I moved from UK to Taiwan you can see  that during this period my heart hence stress level drop quite considerably.

Bearing in mind I got this two and half years ago, gadgets gets upgraded and improves pretty fast so this may look quite primitive now.  In fact this model is now replaced by a newer version.


  • Brand : Fitbit
  • Model: Charge HR
  • Movement : Electronic
  • Case : Elastomer material
  • Diameter : 21mm
  • Glass : n/a
  • Display : OLED
  • Numerals : Digital
  • Strap : Elastomer material
  • Clasp : Buckle


Another year has gone by since I got my replacement Fitbit.  In recent months it’s failed to sync with my phone, I’ve tried to reset it a few times and even let the battery run out completely but still to no avail.  When I recharged it again,  the time is out of sync and I can’t adjust it because it won’t sync, hence rendering it totally useless.  I guess that’s the end of the Fitbit and me.  There is a silver lining though.  Now I can start wearing all my other watches again!