Visiting Taichung Landmarks on Christmas Day

Visiting Taichung Landmarks on Christmas Day

29th December 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

On Christmas day I had some friends visiting town. It was the perfect opportunity for me to take them to visit some of the Taichung landmarks.

National Taichung Theater (NTT)

The first Taichung landmark we went is my favourite building, the National Taichung Theatre.  Architecture wise, this is a fascinating building, and here is always something new going on every time I come here.

Christmas is especially a good time to visit.  Every year the NTT does a short Christmas show which is projected on the lobby walls outside the Grand Theater. It’s pretty much a 360-degree show, and people make themselves comfortable, by either leaning against the slanted cave like walls or sitting on the floor.  Some were even lying on floor to get a better view.

This year the rooftop garden was done up quite nicely as well. I imagine it would be very nice when the lights are lit up at night.

Gaomei Wetland

After the NTT we took a taxi out to Gaomei Wetland.  Gaomei is on the west coast about an hour from the city centre.  We wanted to arrive in time to see the sunset which is what it is famous for. It was around 4.30pm when we arrived, and was quite windy and overcast. Not good if you plan to see the sunset.

I was expecting Gaomei to be very busy as it normally is on holidays and weekends. Although Christmas isn’t a holiday in Taiwan, we get many tourists from Hong Kong whenever they have a holiday, and sure enough, Gaomei was packed with tourists. Sadly, we didn’t get to see the golden sunset as it was too cloudy.

Taichung Lantern Festival

Once the sun had set, it was getting even chillier, and we quickly hailed a taxi to get back into town. I had one more Taichung landmark to take my friends before dinner. The Taichung Lantern Festival had just opened a few days ago and would continue till February. The venue had different areas each with its own theme. My favourite was the Christmas area. It had a touch of simple sophistication, but was very festive. I was extremely impressed with the giant snowman projector.  We all thought that was pretty awesome.



I think my visitors were pretty pleased with my selection of Taichung Landmarks.  They were some of the most popular ones after all, so it was a pretty easy job for me!


今年聖誕節有朋友到訪,當然要帶他們參觀台中市景點。 台中歌劇院是我最喜愛的建築物每次來都有新發現。 這次剛好有一個聖誕影展投射在大劇院的外牆上。 六樓空中花園也有聖誕裝置燈飾,感覺上晚間來一定很美。 高美濕地離開市中心大概一小時車程。 它位於西海岸,是觀賞日落最佳景點。 可惜當天雲層較多,結果看不到黃金夕陽。 晚飯前最後一擊,我們到中台灣元宵燈會。 燈會剛在早兩天才開幕一直會到二月底。 其中一個展覽區設有簡單的聖誕樹燈飾, 和一個巨大雪人投射螢幕,這個我覺得超棒!


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