Unpacking a surprise from 7-11 換取神秘產品

Unpacking a surprise from 7-11 換取神秘產品

14th November 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

Today I want to share with you a video of me unpacking a surprise from 7-11 convenience store.  But first of all I want to show you a really nice 7-11 convenience that I saw in Taiwan today.
7-11便利店是台灣生活不可缺少的一部分。 據說台灣有超過5000家7-11便利店,是全世界密度最高。 最近我發覺有不少7-11便利店的裝潢都非常漂亮,就如今天看見這一家。差點以為我還在東京旅遊

What does a 7-11 store look like in Taiwan?

7-11 convenience stores can be found all over Taiwan and are an integral part of people’s life here.   Apparently Taiwan has the highest density of 7-11 convenience stores in the world.  With over 5000 stores, that’s very roughly around 1 store per over 4000 population.   Recently I’ve noticed a lot of them upscaling their seating areas, such as this one I went to today.  I nearly thought I was still in Tokyo in Japan!

The interior of a 7-11 convenience store in Taiwan

The interior of a 7-11 convenience store in Taiwan

7-11 promotions

Let’s go back to me unpacking a surprise from 7-11.  7-11 are not only really innovative in marketing their stores, they also do collectible promotions all the time.  Most of the goods are really popular especially the cartoon characters and they usually go like hotcakes.   Last year they did a Star Wars mug promotion, and people on one of my local Facebook group were swapping mugs with one another.  I had a bunch of spare stickers (not a Star Wars fan) which I posted on Facebook and a guy came round within half an hour to collect them!
今天到7-11買東西,見到他們又做推廣。今次是推廣小小浣熊的各類產品。 其中的便當盒非常別緻,一共有六款小小浣熊。 分別有日本鯛魚燒,意大利冰淇淋,法國可樂餅,英國杯子蛋糕,美國甜甜圈,和世界異角甜點。 換取產品時,你不會知道盒內是哪一款, 增加了神秘感。英國心的我,當然希望會換到英國杯子蛋糕款式噢! 想知結果我換到哪一個款式,可以看我的視頻。祝我好運吧!

How does the promotions work?

The way the promotion normally works is that you get a sticker with every NTD50 spend which is about £1.25 / USD1.62.  Then you can exchange the goods with 6 stickers plus a fee.  The fee depends on what the goods are.  For example, the current promotion is this Rascal bear on various different products.  There is a glass lunchbox which cost NTD109 / £2.72 / USD3.52 plus the 6 stickers. And there’s a Rascal toy which nods it head when the music plays. You’ve probably seen similar ones around before.

Screenshot of the latest promotion from 7-11 Taiwan

Source : 7-11 Taiwan website

Unpacking a surprise

I thought the lunch boxes look really cute and would come in handy.  I had 12 stickers so thought why not?  This promotion only started less than a week ago but sadly this particular store had no more stock left (yes, they really do go like hot cakes!!).  On the way home, I dropped by another store as you’ll bound to find one a few streets away.  I was told this was their last one.  Lucky me!!!  That’s why I’ve still got 6 stickers left.
7-11 promotion luncbox

7-11 promotion luncbox

The fun part of the promotion is that normally there are quite a few designs of the product but you don’t know which one you may end up with.  The lunchbox comes in six designs of the Rascal on the lid.  There’s a Japan one, Italian, French, English, American and World one. Being a Brit, of course I was hoping for the purple English, but that’s a 1 in 6 chance.  If you want to find out which one I ended up with, check out my video below on me unpacking a surprise from 7-11.