The University of Hong Kong in UK 在英國的香港大學

The University of Hong Kong in UK 在英國的香港大學

15th March 2018 3 By livinguktaiwan

My recent three weeks in UK coincided with an annual get together in London that I’ve been going to for many years. With such perfect timing, I had to grab this opportunity to meet up with old friends.

The event is organized by The Hong Kong University UK Alumni Chapter, who holds their AGM and traditional poon choi lunch every year in February. My other half is an alumni and used to be the vice president of the UK chapter so I went along to a lot of their functions with him.
這個聚會是香港大學舊生會英國分部舉辦的週年大會暨傳統盆菜午餐。 我的另一半以前是舊生會的副主席,所以我經常跟他一起去參加聚會。

In my previous post I wrote about having poon choo in my ancestoral village in Hong Kong. At the AGM, the poon choi was always the highlight of the day as in UK and you struggle to find decent Chinese food let alone poon choi. This one here from a couple of years ago and was cooked true to its tradition.

Sadly, this year the chef had left, so poon choi wasn’t available and we had the normal Chinese meal. It was just as delicious.

I was very happy to catch up with a lot of old friends and we all had a good old natter. One of my friend has recently created a series of multicultural soft dolls for children and an accompanying storybook. I think in an increasingly cross cultural world this is a very meaningful project for children.
已經有兩年沒有見這一班朋友大家聊天很開心。其中這位好朋友,在過去兩年內創作了一系列的多元文化布娃娃及兒童書。 我覺得在現今社會大家接觸不同文化的機會越來越多,而這系列布娃娃絕對有助小朋友從小開始認識不同文化。

The turnout at the AGM used to be around 50, and consisted of quite a few senior members, some who used to attend with their zimmer frame or walking sticks. As time passed, they gradually left us one by one and now our most senior member is a lady in her 90s. She is a remarkable lady who was a member of the medical school at the Hong Kong University in the 1940s, and became a doctor in the UK in the 1950s. Female members at the medical school was very rare in those days, let alone a Chinese female doctor in UK in the 1950s! Here she is in the red coat.
以往的周年大會通常都有超過50人參加,包括一些年長的資深會員甚至會撐著拐杖出席。 可惜近年來他們已逐漸離開我們。現在最年長的舊同學是一位年邁90的女士。 據我所知她在40年代是在香港大學醫學院的一份子,50年代到英國當醫生。 當年在香港大學的女生不多,何況是醫學院。 之後華人能夠到英國當上醫生更加少,她絕對是一個很出色的 女性。穿上紅色大衣就是這位女士。

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many current students who go to UK on an exchange term or year. It is always nice to see new faces every year. Here, everyone is mingling and having a good chat after lunch.


Before everyone left, we all picked up some freebies on the way out.