The protest against the extradiction bill continues in Hong Kong 繼續反送中

The protest against the extradiction bill continues in Hong Kong 繼續反送中

16th June 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

Last Sunday there was a massive peaceful protest involving over one million people in Hong Kong. The objective was to protest against a controversial bill that would allow China to extradict people from Hong Kong to China.

12th June Protest

The voices of one million people (Hong Kong has 7.4m population) were ignored by the Hong Kong government and they announced that the second reading of the bill would still go ahead as planned on Wednesday. This led to another round of protest by tens of thousands on Wednesday. By early morning the area outside the Legislative Council and the main roads surrounding the business district were blocked by protesters, effectively paralysing the city.




I have to emphasise, these people were unarmed, unless you count umbrella as a weapon. It was raining on Wednesday.

Brutal force

Warning, graphic photos below

The protesters were met with the police in full anti riot gear, armed with tear gas, bean bag shots, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Many horrific photos and videos emerged during the day as these were used on the defenceless protesters. I have sourced these three photos below that have all been widely circulated on Facebook.

Police was seen hitting defenceless protesters with their truncheon.

A man was shot on the face. Luckily he survived.

A mother pleaded desperately to the police to stop their brutal behaviour towards the youngsters. She was sprayed a meter away with spray pepper.

When the reporters identified themselves as the Press , the police blasted back “Press your mother!”

When a group of Christians sang peacefully on the scene, the police shouted “Tell your Jesus to come to see me!”

The Police Commissioner claimed that the police actions and use of force were justified, and the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam went as far as saying this was an organised riot.

What next?

In her press conference this afternoon, Carrie Lam continued with her arrogant behaviour, dodging questions asked, and refused to acknowledge the true damage that the bill will do to the Hong Kong people. She also announced the bill would be indefinitely suspended, but not withdrawn as the one million people had requested. A back down on the face of it, but that’s just a delaying tactic.

Another protest is planned this Sunday, 16th June Father’s day. It is expected that even more people might turn out. Perhaps Carrie Lam thinks her delaying tactic will stop them, but she didn’t count on her arrogant attitude annoying even more people.

Images 1 to 4 are from my personal contacts who shall remain anonymous
Images 5 to 7 are sourced from Facebook.

繼上星期日100萬香港人上街反送中遊行,星期三再有數萬人齊集政府總部和中環一帶。目的是要阻止立法會二讀草案。 當日所有示威者都是手無寸鐵,但警察卻整套防暴部武裝上陣, 還加上胡椒噴霧,催淚氣 ,橡皮子彈和布袋彈。

網上流傳不少警察當日暴行的照片,影片和描述。 有傷者被打到面部重傷,有警察用警棍揮打手無寸鐵的示威者,更有一位媽媽苦苦哀求警察不要這樣對小孩,但卻被近距離施放催淚彈。當記者向警察表明身份時,警察的回應是『記你老母!』。有一群教徒在唱聖詩,警察就大喊『叫你的耶穌下來見我!』

香港特首林鄭月娥今天下午開記者招待會, 堅持逃犯引渡條例目的是完善香港法制, 保護香港市民。她還宣布草案將會無限押後, 看來是政府讓了一步,但其實只是拖延政策。 可能她以為這樣做,明天的遊行會較少人出來。但她應該沒有考慮到囂張的態度,又反而讓更多人氣憤。