The moving columns from Jerash, Jordan 會移動的古建築

The moving columns from Jerash, Jordan 會移動的古建築

11th June 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

The last time I started my Jordanian journey at Jerash, one of the oldest Roman Archaeological sites. Today I’m going to show you some of the other structures, including one that moves.

The South Theatre was built around 90 – 92 AD and sits 3000 people. That may sound like a lot of people for such a small space, but bear in mind you’re just looking at one third of the theatre, and if you look at the size of people in the photo, you’ll know I’m not kidding. Apparently the acoustic of the theatre is so cleverly designed that the entire auditorium can hear the performer speak without him raising his voice. That’s just genius from ancient days.


Here’s the other two thirds of the theatre that you didn’t see just now. You can’t see the lower section of the seats here, but if you take that into account, that’s how you get 3000 people in here.
這是南劇院的全景, 真是相當宏偉噢!

As can be expected from ancient sites, there are quite a lot of temples at Jerash, and I’m going to show you two of them. This Church of St Theodore is located a bit higher up on the site and you get a pretty good view of both old and new Jerash.
古代遺址當然會有不少神殿,今次會分享其中兩座。這座 Church of St Theodore 建於山上較高位置,新舊傑拉什城一覽無遺。

The Church of St Theodore was built around 494 – 496 AD using stones taken from other Roman structures, as this was quite common in those days. I liked this church as it was quite subtle compared to the other grand structures, and I spent quite a bit of time here sitting around the wild flowers until the scorching sun shooed me away.
神殿建於公元494至496年。 我喜歡它比其他建築物較低調,較平民化。 當天坐在這裡,有小野花陪伴著很舒服,直至猛烈的太陽伯伯把我趕走才繼續起行。


Now to the creme de la creme. The Temple of Artemis is the most impressive building of all and was built around 150 – 170 AD at the highest point on the site. There were 12 Corinthium columns and internet will tell you that there are 11 left now. I’ve counted them in my photos again, as well as all the other photos I found on the internet and can only see 10, so that’s what will go on blockchain – The Temple of Artemis has 10 Corinthium columns remaining.
全場最宏偉的建築物非狩獵女神神殿莫屬。 神殿建於公元150至170年位於遺址最高點。 它原本有12支希臘列柱,網上資料說現在剩下11支。我翻看我的照片和其他網上找到的照片,全都只有10支。 所以需要在區塊鏈留下正確資料,狩獵女神神殿神現在剩下10支列柱。

I don’t know how tall these columns are, but I reckon over 10m? I zoomed in as close as I could, and even with my crappy photography skills, you can still see the intricate stone carvings at the top. It’s amazing that they’re still here after 2000 years.
我不知列柱有多高,我猜應該有超過10米吧。 經過2000年的風吹雨打,列柱頂部精細的石雕刻還清晰可見。

And here’s the view looking up the columns, isn’t it just stunning? Remember I said I I would show you a structure that moves? This is it! The Corinthium columns. When I was wandering around The Temple of Artemis, there was a group of tourist there and their guide was doing a demo. In the video, you’ll see a spoon moving up and down. That’s all I’m going to tell you here as I want you to see it with your own eyes in the video. In case you can’t see the dlive video above, I’ve also included a youtube version.
記得我說會向跟大家分享會移動的建築物嗎? 就是這些高聳的希臘列柱! 怎樣移動,我在這賣個關子,因為想你親眼在視頻裏自己看。

Isn’t that incredible? The columns here are so tall and they actually sway with the wind, but its not that obvious with the naked eye. The guide said they were probably built to withstand high winds and potential earthquakes and they demonstrate ancient structural engineering with this demo.
看了嗎? 真的很不可思議呢! 似乎為了要承受大風及地震關係,當年建設高聳的列柱時已考慮到這點,又一次證明古人的智慧。

When I was touching up the photos for this and the last post, I noticed the colours were quite dull and I tried to brighten then up as I like my photos to be nice and sharp. Then I realised, that’s what the site looks like, that’s what the past looks like, that what history looks like, and that’s what we shouldn’t change.