The modern thinker 沉思者 No.42

The modern thinker 沉思者 No.42

2nd October 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

The Thinker has arrived in Taiwan! This is the modern thinker, called Thinker no. 42 and arrived in Taichung a few months ago.   He is inspired by Rodin’s Thinker that was created a hundred years ago, and of course he has moved on with times.
沉思者42號最近進駐台中Dali藝術廣場。 原本的沉思者已有已超過一百歲,現代化的沉思者42號當然緊貼時代。除了沉思外, 還跟現代人一樣手中拿著手機。 他身高超過30米,坐在Dali藝術廣場的三樓頂部,旁邊有一朵 嬌俏的紅玫瑰花。Dali藝術廣場最近成為台中另一個IG打卡熱門地點。 有機會到台中的話記得要去喔! 國外朋友,你們也有份喔!等我整理好視頻,馬上為大家送上!
Modern Thinker 沉思者No.42 台中


The modern thinker is over 30m tall, and is sitting on the top of the three storey Dali Art Plaza in Taichung.  He’s looking into his mobile phone,  probably still deep in thoughts after all these years.   I wonder if he’s reading something very profound, or whether just bored scrolling through his mobile phone.  There’s a massive red rose next to him, perhaps he’s waiting for his date?


If you can’t quite grasp how big the modern thinker is.  Here’s his left foot and the people beneath him on the ground.  Can you see his reflection in the building?

And if you still can’t quite get the scale of how large the modern thinker is, here’s another view.  Impressive right?

Being so hugh and sitting high up can be quite bored. Fortunately the modern thinker no.42 has a friend across the plaza.  However, I think his mate might be a bit busy working, and won’t have much time to do a lot of thinking.  Maybe they can chat to one another. Though,  I probably don’t want to be around when they do that as I hear giants bellow really loud.

There are two mini modern thinkers on the plaza.  They’re sitting next to the stage, also deep in thoughts.  Modern thinker didn’t want to take any photos with me, but the mini modern thinkers were a lot more friendlier.

I call them mini, and compared to the modern thinker, they are.  But when I stand next to them, they’re not that really mini!!! If you happen to be in Taichung come and check them out, otherwise, once I have finished rendering my video I will share it with you.

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