Taitung University Unique Library

Taitung University Unique Library

18th March 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

The library at the Taitung University in Taiwan is said to be one of the eight most unique library across the world. My first impression of it, certainly lives up to its reputation. The design reflects what learning and education is about – multi disciplinary, free thinking, reaching for new heights.




From far afield, the Taitung University library looks like a grey pyramid on a green hill, mysterious and unusual, very intriguing. So much that you want to go and explore it immediately. There are so many faces to the building, you’re lost at where to start.


How about the windows? They come in different sizes and shapes, and gives a peep of what life is like inside this unique library. Through each of the different windows, we can see a different view of learning. What? Where? How? Why? When?



The curve staircase outside is a sharp contrast to the straight outline of the library. Brown wooden steps versus grey concrete walls offers two other contrasts.  The dichotomy is like knowledge, there’s always multiple facet to everything. The library inspires one to learn, interpret, analyse and more importantly to think.  Without thoughts, we would live in a voiceless world.



Knowledge is one way to achieve new heights in life. The Taitung University library helps to check our progress and guides us, step by step.  There’s a direct staircase from the ground straight to the top of the library.  Everyone is on the same track but we can advance at our own pace.



Education is a long slow process, an never ending but a rewarding one.  Once you achieve a stage, there’s always recompense. There’s a 360 degree view from the top of the library of the campus.  It’s surrounded by a range of mountains, who wouldn’t want to study here and continue this fulfilling journey of learning.


It’s surprising how the unique library from Taitung University can inspire one’s thoughts.  What are yours?