Stroll around Chinatown in Bangkok City  漫步曼谷街頭

Stroll around Chinatown in Bangkok City 漫步曼谷街頭

6th December 2019 3 By livinguktaiwan

When travelling to overseas countries, I always enjoy going to Chinatowns. On my recent to visit to Thailand, I went for a stroll around Chinatown in Bangkok. Turns out it was very pleasant afternoon.

最近到泰國,在曼谷唐人街附近逛,發覺有不少類似的商店聚集在一起。其中有一條街全都是賣汽車零件, 另外唐人街有一個地區是金舖。


While walking around Bangkok, I noticed trades tend to cluster together. I passed by a street where there were many shops selling different vehicle parts. China Town had an area selling gold jewellery. My favourite cluster has to be this section of street just outside China Town that sells bags, or rather sacks of all sorts. These are industrial grade sacks. There were jute sacks, traditionally used for rice.

我最喜愛一個的聚集點,全是賣工用纖維塑膠袋和麻布袋。這些舊式大型麻布袋以前都用來裝米, 現在較少見。 近年大賣場買的都只有幾斤重,大多用塑膠袋。


The blue and white ones complemented the shop well, and reminded me of Mother Teresa.




Some of the sacks are recycled which is great, I love environmental friendly usage. And some have been made into smaller fashion accessories. That is so creative.




Eventually I got to the main street on China Town, time for lunch. My benchmark is always go where the locals go particularly if it’s busy. I saw this place from across the road and braved the busy traffic dodging in and out between vehicles to get to it. There were a few people outside waiting but I only had to wait a few moments. I love these old decor style places that stand the test of time.

不經不覺,在午飯時候走到唐人街的主街道。在外地找吃,最好是看哪一家店有很多本地人光顧 ,一般來說都不會踩地雷。 我看到對面馬路有一家食店,門口有一小群人在排隊,裏面也坐滿吃午飯的顧客。 愛吃的我就在繁忙的曼谷交通中,穿插着走過馬路來到店前。 很幸運只是等了幾分鐘就有座位。


Their signature dish was roast pork rice, I’ve seen it at many places in Bangkok. Although they pour some too sweet for my taste gravy on top the crackling was still nice an crispy.

這家店的主打應該是燒肉飯,在曼谷不少其他食店都見過。 燒肉很美味,尤其是燒肉皮很香脆。但肉汁有點過甜。


After lunch I fancied a spot of shopping to get away from the heat. MBK was nearby and since we’d had enough of tuk tuk for the day we took a taxi. The driver dropped us off at a busy junction and told us to take a footbridge over to MBK. The footbridge is actually a big circular skywalk, and you can look down through the center and watch the traffic zoom by. It was quite fascinating.

午飯過後,乘坐計程車到MBK商場逛。MBK 是曼谷市內其中一個大型商場,樓高7層。它位於一個非常繁忙的交匯點, 圓形的行人天橋連貫四方的商場大樓。 行人天橋很寬闊,有些裝置藝術,地面又貼上綠色點點圖案,是一個很文青的休憩站。頭頂有幾條空鐵(BTS) 路軌,車輛從不同方向駛過。 上有鐵路,下有繁忙交通,站在這個既休閑也藝術的行人天橋,體驗曼谷多方面的獨特景象。

The BTS tracks runs over head and the trains were coming in from left and right as if they were about to converge. Then there was a third track above the one on the right hand side. Surprisingly, the trains weren’t that noisy, maybe because the surrounding traffic was noisy as well.


The other thing I liked about the skywalk was the artistic shades and the big green polka dots floor. It was obvious quite a lot of thought had gone into creating this into a fun skywalk.




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