Street food in Tainan  台南小吃

Street food in Tainan 台南小吃

14th March 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

Tainan in Taiwan has an abundance of local street food delicacies. Yong Le market is a traditional market and where there’s a market, there’s always street food. My B&B host said this market is where the locals go, and isn’t overcrowed with tourist. That’s a no brainer to start my foodie journey in the morning.


Street Food part one – Gwa Bao

My first stop is a Taiwanese burger called ‘gwa bao’. This is a folded bun and every shop does their own filling. The speciality filling here is pig tongue that comes with a slightly sweet peanut sauce dressing and preserved cabbage topping. We also got a bowl of pork soup. Being my first stop, we figured we’d go light and order two portions to share between the four of us. Turns out each portion comes with two buns so we ended up with one each after all.  The bun was very soft, pork tongue tender with a nice bite, and the whole dressing combination works extremely well. It’s no surprise this is a top recommendation by our host.

第一繫 : 松割包


Total cost 割包兩份 : NTD180 / £4.45 / USD5.82

Street Food part two – Wah Kway

This is made with rice paste (rice soaked for a few hours and then blended into a paste) and steamed in a little bowl with bits of meat inside. You pour some soy sauce on top before you eat it. This is the first time I’ve had this and initially had a bit of difficulty eating it as they only give you a stick. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy. This isn’t as stodgy as it looks and was very tasty.  The other main dish here is a fish soup. I tasted a spoonful, but fish in the morning is a bit too much for me.

第二繫 : 一味品碗粿魚羹

碗粿是用米漿做, 鹹鹹的有一點肉碎粒,然後再加些醬油。店家只提供一根棒沒筷子。開始吃的時候有點困難, 吃了兩口慢慢就習慣了,有趣。 一品味另外一款小吃是魚羹。我不太喜歡早上吃魚類,只試了一小口。

Total cost for two portions of each 碗粿魚羹各二 : NTD120 / £2.97 / USD3.88

Street Food part three – Ma Wan

Ma wan is a dumpling made of rice paste. By this time, we were a bit full and only ordered one portion which came with three pieces. We also ordered a small bowl of pork ball soup. The ma wan I normally have are confit in oil, in Tainan they are steamed, I think its much more healthier. I only managed half a ma wan, still a thumbs up from me.

第三繫 : 永樂

下一站吃肉圓。台灣人叫”媽環”, 是台語 (希望沒讀錯 )。 平時在台中吃的媽環是油泡,台南的是蒸, 比較健康。 吃了兩個回合,大家已有點飽, 所以只點了一份媽環有三顆。 不過我們還點了一碗貢丸湯。 不太吃的我,只吃了半顆媽環,很好吃。

Total cost 媽環貢丸湯各一  : NTD60 / £1.48 / USD1.94

Street Food part four – Sweet Bean curd dessert

I’m a sucker for desserts, that’s one thing I can eat 24 hours a day. We each ordered one for ourself. Two are cold bean curd with black sugar jelly, and two are hot bean curd with mash yam and ginger syrup. Actually I could have had one of each bowl, but I figured I’d better not be too greedy.

第四繫 : 修安豆花

無論我的肚子有多滿,總有空間吃甜點。 修安豆花在台南很有名,連五月天也光顧, 我又怎能錯過呢。 我們各自點了一碗, 兩碗冰的黑糖粉果牛奶豆花, 兩碗熱的薑汁豆花加芋頭, 豆花冷熱吃都很香滑。 其實冷熱各一我都能吃,但還是不要太貪心。 畢竟時間尚早,還要吃午餐晚餐和宵夜喔!

Total cost 豆花四碗 : NTD230 / £5.66 / USD7.44


The total cost of my street food breakfast was NTD590 / £14.5 / USD19, that works out NTD148 / £3.64 / USD4.78 per person!!! If you’re a foodie and like trying new things, you definitely must come to Yong Le Market and try all the different type of street food here. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

一餐早點大家都吃得非常開心,幾乎捧著肚子走。 重點是總數NTD590 / £14.5 / USD19,平均每人只是 NTD148 / £3.64 / USD4.78 !!! 台南小吃美味又便宜,吃貨的你不要錯過喔!