Stranded in Malacca (nearly)

Stranded in Malacca (nearly)

30th July 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

Updated July 2020

In July 2018, I went on a day trip from KL to Malacca an I nearly ended up stranded in Malacca. I want to share a teaser post with you first as I’m stuck in a taxi right now.  Bear with me, and I will explain.


Traditional Breakfast to start the day

My day started off with a traditional local breakfast at a really busy restaurant right next to my hotel. In fact I went there for brunch yesterday with friends and waited something like 20 minutes for a table. It was absolutely packed! This morning the wait was quicker as there were only the two of us.  Their kaya toast is so yummy!

Catching the coach to Malacca

The journey to Malacca is about two hours, and we caught the 10am coach which cost (as of July 2018)RM20 for the two of us, which is less than USD5.

Day out in the city

Most of my photos are in my DSLR camera so I’ve only managed to get some still clips from the videos I took on my mobile to share with you,  Anyway, after a yummy lunch we went for a stroll along the river, then headed up to the Bandar Hilir to see the Stadthuys which is the old town hall built by the Dutch in the 17 the century , and the St Paul’s Church.  The latter is said to be the oldest church in South East Asia and was built around the 16th century by the Portuguese.

The church gradually fell to derelict till recent years where the authorities have started to restore it.  They even have a lot of these stone slabs which used to be on the church floor, and are now on display.

One tourist attraction which I found somewhat annoying in Malacca are these cheesy tourist cycles.  There are all sorts of styles from Hello Kitty, Superman, Elsa from Frozen and Picachua (is that how you spell it?) and they blast out loud music when they go around town ?

How I was nearly stranded in Malacca

Anyway, we decided to have dinner at Malacca before heading back to KL.  We got to the bus terminus at around 8pm as we’re due to leave Malaysia tomorrow morning.  When we got there, we discovered all the coach tickets back to KL for the day had sold out!!! Whaaaat!!!  I was going to be stranded in Malacca??!!!

I panicked and immediately messaged my local friends for help.  Luckily help was on hand very quickly and they told me to grab a taxi back instead.  So that’s why I’m writing a post now as I’m stuck in my USD60 taxi ride instead of my USD5 coach ride in the traffic jam on a Sunday evening!

Oh guess what? Nearly three hours later, I’m finally back in KL!  Yeah!!

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