Starfield Library –  a real library

Starfield Library – a real library

11th March 2020 1 By livinguktaiwan

The Starfield Library in Seoul, Korea is a real library where you can borrow books, and a very creative use of public space in a major shopping mall.


My other half is a book lover, and I love going to beautiful places (who doesn’t?).  Libraries are one of the places that we both enjoy visiting as it satisfies both of us.  Last year we visited a unique library on the east coast of Taiwan.  During our visit to Seoul in Korea last year, we went to another unique library.

The Starfield Library is real library, a public open space in the middle of the Coex Mall in Seoul, Korea. It has over 50,000 books and covers a floor area of 2800 square meters. This is definitely one place that gives a wow factor and plenty of photo opportunities.

It was surprisingly not that busy for a Sunday afternoon and I spent a couple of hours here sitting on the second floor admiring the whole setup. You can probably tell from the change in daylight in my video how long I spent here. Definitely worth spending time here if you’re in Seoul.

相信大家對韓國首爾的江南區都不會陌生。區內的Coex Mall超大,絕對可以花上一整天購物。 不過Coex Mall裏面最著名的不是血拼,而是商場中央的星光庭院圖書館。 這是一所佔地2800平方公尺的開放式圖書館,藏書量有五萬多本。 喜愛拍照達打卡的朋友,到首爾是必去!!!


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