Staircases in Vietnam 越南的樓梯

Staircases in Vietnam 越南的樓梯

4th June 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

On my recent trip to Saigon I discovered many elegant staircases in Vietnam. Maybe because Vietnam used to be a French colony, maybe the Vietnamese are much better at preserving their architecture, or maybe they just like their staircases – a place which can take you up, or down, depending on which way you’re heading.
樓梯究竟是上還是下?這完全視乎你站在哪裏和怎樣看。 在越南之旅我見到很多很優雅的樓梯。可能因為以前越南是法國殖民地,又可能越南在保存房子的功夫做得好,又或者只是他們很喜歡樓梯。

Rice Field RestaurantThis lovely restaurant is located in the heart of Saigon and has an inside dining area as well as an outdoor area on the rooftop. I opted for the terrace and took the extra flight of stairs which I’m glad I did otherwise I would have missed these beautiful lanterns hanging through the staircase.


The Museum of Fine ArtsSometimes things aren’t that obvious in life, and you have to pause and think, “what am I looking at?”

The journey may take you round and round in circles in life and you don’t realize how far you’re going. When you get to the destination and look back, you find out it was actually a beautiful journey.

Or perhaps the combination of French and Chinese architectural style gives this staircase its unique beauty. Slim and elegant just like the Vietnamese ladies wearing their traditional dress, ao dai.

The Ho Chi Minh City MuseumHoused in the Gia Long Palace – Gia Long was responsible for unifying modern day Vietnam in 1802 – it was designed by a French architect and completed in 1890. Bold, strong, elegant and not overly extravagant.


Den Da Coffee

I love this staircase in the cafe where I spent a morning lazing around. It’s sturdy as staircases should be, but more importantly I love how it swirls around. These little details made my morning more enjoyable when I was grounded as it was chucking down with rain outside.