Sliding Doors and the guy in police custody

Sliding Doors and the guy in police custody

3rd December 2021 0 By livinguktaiwan

Have you ever watched the movie Sliding Doors, where one small incident may lead to a series of unforeseen events?  I got a story here for you about the guy in police custody.


Today I caught the bus into town to do my weekly grocery shopping. As the bus pulled out from the end of the road, it signaled to turn left. Wait! It’s supposed to turn right. What’s going on?? Then I realised I got on the wrong bus. Stupid me!!! I immediately got off and walked back to the previous stop. Urggh!!! I hate walking in the cold especially when it’s only 4 degrees centigrade. Now I have to wait another 20 minutes in the cold for the next bus.

As I was playing on my mobile phone at the bus stop, I saw out the corner of my eye, a young skinny lad, and a nurse walking towards me. I assume it was his girlfriend who has just finished her shift, as the hospital is just down the road. There wasn’t any dialogue between the two, almost like they were together but didn’t know one another. I was thinking how come the poor girl isn’t cold as she was just wearing short sleeves scrubs.


The guy didn’t look very friendly and suddenly he spat quite violently on the pavement. Comon! Spitting is rude and unhygienic, and now especially with Covid, it’s even worse. I threw a look of disapproval, not directly at him, but if he saw my face he would have seen it. I continued to pretend play on my mobile phone, and casually walked a few steps to get away from him. He walked towards me. It didn’t feel good. Then he shouted something at me, I didn’t catch what he said but it made me jump and uneasy. I looked up, and the guy had his back to the nurse. She mouthed something at me and made a telephone call gesture. I didn’t catch what she was trying to say, maybe “don’t worry, I will call his friends or family about it.” So I left it and walked a few more steps further away from the guy. I was feeling really uncomfortable now.

Hubby was standing near the nurse, and both were behind the guy. I saw the nurse say something to hubby. The guy went hysterical again, shouting and spitting even more erratic than before. It was then that I noticed the guy was wearing a hospital patient wristband. I continue to walk away and when I turned back I saw hubby with his hands in the air, like when someone is pointing a gun at you!! Luckily, the guy wasn’t armed or anything, hubby was fine. Hubby caught up with me and said the nurse asked him to call the police. Shit!


He said when he reached for the phone, the guy went into another fit, that’s why he had to put his phone away and put his hands up to show he wasn’t making any phone calls. I continued to walk away, towards the hospital and immediately pulled my phone out to call 999. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

As we were walking towards the hospital and speaking to 999 at the same time, we saw another guy walking towards us. I told him there’s a nurse over there with a guy who is very unstable and could he please help keep an eye on her whilst I talk to the police. It was all a bit chaotic as both hubby and I were trying to explain the situation to him, and I was also on the phone at the same time. This guy eventually got the gist of the situation and went over to the bus stop whilst I continue to speak to 999.

The 999 operator asked for the location and description of the guy. I never got a direct look at him, young, skinny, wearing a black jacket and a beanie hat. When asked about his race, I suddenly froze into panic mode, was it ok to say he was black? Or was that racist? I can’t remember what I mumbled in the end.


By this time, I had nearly reached the hospital. Hubby said he saw the nurse on the bus which had just pulled into the hospital. I relayed that to the 999 operator. “What about the lad?” They asked. “What about the lad?” I asked hubby. Can’t see him, can only see the girl on the bus.

Eventually, I got to the hospital and walked up to the bus. It had stopped outside the main entrance, not by the bus stop where it should be.

the guy in police custody

The nurse had got off the bus, thank goodness she was ok. The guy who we stopped and asked to look after the nurse was also on the bus. He was ok as well. Four or five security guards were outside the bus guarding the hysterical lad who had calmed down a little by now. The lad then walked over to the hospital bus stop and all the security guards followed him. I updated the 999 operator with the latest situation and she asked if the police still needed to come. I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t my call. A Site Matron had arrived. I told the matron I was on the phone with 999, did they need to police to come? She mentioned something about the girl being in custody so it’s better if the police came. It was getting all very confusing so I handed my phone over for the matron to speak to 999 directly.


With my phone out of my hands, I spoke to the nurse to see how she was doing. Considering what happened, her spirits were high. She thanked me for my help and apologised for what happened. That was so sweet of her. It turns out, the ‘guy’ was actually a girl!!!!Since I never (dared to) look at her directly, all I saw was someone who was skinny, wearing trousers and a black jacket, with short hair, wearing a woolly hat. I just assumed it was a young lad. So the guy in police custody is actually a girl in police custody! Not sure why she is at the hospital, but the nurse told me the girl said she wanted to buy something from the shops, and then ran away. That’s why she had to run after her. And that explains why the mood was so odd when I saw the pair of them at the bus stop.

A couple of minutes later, the guy girl threw another fit at the bus stop. This time the security guys had to drag her back into the hospital. She was kicking trying to get away, but bearing in mind she was under custody anyway, no way would they let her abscond for the second time. A police car then pulled up with two officers and spoke to the matron directly. I got my phone back, and the 999 operator wanted my details for the record before I hung up.


I bid farewell to the nurse and continued to wait for my bus, a whole hour after I got on my first wrong one.

By the time I got into town, I was dying for my afternoon tea break.