Sexywoman ruins 秘魯薩克塞瓦曼

Sexywoman ruins 秘魯薩克塞瓦曼

7th August 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

Ok, that was a rather bad attempt at a click bait, but it wasn’t done randomly.  This is the Sacsayhuamán Ruins  (see why I did the click bait?) and is located outside of Cusco, the second largest city in Peru.  Cusco was the Inca capital and Sacsayhuamán was built around 1100 as a citadel.
薩克塞瓦曼古城遺址位於秘魯第二大城市庫斯科市外。庫斯科當年是印家人的首都, 而這個古城遺址建於十一世紀時代。

I came here a few days after my epic Machu Picchu trip.  After seeing one of the greatest wonders of the world, I didn’t think there would be much more that would wow me.  Well I was wrong.  If Machu Picchu is Buckingham Palace in London, then Sacsayhuamán is Blenheim Palace in Oxford (that’s one of the grand houses in UK, the birthplace and ancestoral home of Churchill).
去完馬丘比丘後,我還以為秘魯沒有其他景點可以讓我嘆為觀止。但原來還有薩克塞瓦曼。 我認為如果馬丘比丘是英國倫敦白金漢宮,那麼薩克塞瓦曼就是牛津的布倫海姆宮。

The most remarkable thing when visiting Sacsayhuamán are these terrace walls which are built using massive boulders that fit together perfectly.  I actually did test it and its true you really can’t slip a credit card in between it. The other amazing thing about these boulders are the precision of the cut, it’s not just a normal four edged stone, but multi angles that interlocks together.  I hear one stone has 13 angles that interlock with all the other surrounding rocks.  I need to go through all my photos to see if I have that one.
薩克塞瓦曼最著名是有幾道巨大的石牆建築, 石頭與石頭之間接駁得天衣無縫, 我用卡紙 做試驗,結果完全插不進。 巨石牆另一個特點,石頭切割是多角形而不是一般認為的矩形。 當年沒有先進器具,只有印家族精湛切割石頭技術, 實在不可思議! 聽說其中一塊巨大石頭有13角形, 我要翻看照片,不知有沒有影到這一塊呢?

Sacsayhuamán is another post that I need to write about (gosh I’ve started so many which I haven’t finished yet).  The people I came across here are … differen … I can’t find the right word to describe my encounter with them.  There’s this group of local tourist in the photo, as well as quite a few groups of really sweet teenage girls which to this date, I still find mind boogling. I’ll tell you about that when I write my post… still in progress.