Rainy Bergen and Beautiful Olden, Norway

Rainy Bergen and Beautiful Olden, Norway

20th September 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

Since I started posting about my first cruise holiday recently, I figured I might as well continue with the other locations to see how much I can remember of it.  Let me go back to the first two ports from my holiday, Rainy Bergen and Beautiful Olden.
今次帶大家到我北歐郵輪前兩個站, 挪威的卑爾根和Olden。


After setting off from England two days ago, I arrived ay my first port of call, Bergen. It’s the first place I set foot on in Norway.  Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, and every year there are over 300 cruise ships that stop by here!  Rain was here to welcome me.
抵達卑爾根當天正在下雨,我們坐登山纜車到山頂看市內風景。可惜天氣太差,在朦朧之中只能依稀見到市面景色,和遙望我們的郵輪。 布呂根是比爾根市內必去的景點,現在已列為世界文化遺產。 比爾根每年有多達三百首郵輪到訪, 我相信平時這裏我一定人山人海。當天下雨遊客不多,看來也未嘗不好。

As soon as I embarked from the cruise ship, I saw a fish market by the port.  Being a seafood lover, I headed over immediately, or rather I couldn’t miss it as it will literally right in front of my face.   There were only a couple of rows of stalls here, it wasn’t a big market, and with the rain, it seemed a bit deserted.  I later found out the other reason it was a bit deserted was because the locals don’t come here.  The reason?  Well, being by the cruise port is a massive giveway.  It’s a tourist trap!!!!  Yup!!!  Anyway, it was still a nice welcoming sight to see my favourite food.

A short walk from the Fish Market is the Fløibanen funicular.  It’s one of Norway’s most popular attraction. Me and my family headed over to catch the funicular railway up the 300m high Floyen mountain as it offers a great view of Bergen city. Sadly this is our view of  rainy Bergen city from the top of the mountain, complete with our cruise ship.


With not much to do or see, we headed back down to the city very soon.  Cruise holiday or not, if you’re in Bergen for the first time, I think you have to visit Bryggen.

I don’t know what it is about Norway and fires.  If you read my last post in Alesund, you may recall that the town was rebuilt in 1904 due to a major fire.  Well, in 1702 there was a big fire that burnt down a big part of Bergen as well.  The buildings around this area were rebuilt, and since 1979 this area has been listed as a UNESCO Heritage site.   I think in way, the rain was good as there was hardly anyone around, and creates a different feel to the photos.

I wandered behind the row of houses at Bryggen, walking through the narrow alleyways in between, and said hello to this massive wooden cod.

Beautiful Olden

As the cruise liner ventured up north towards the famous fjords, the scenery became more spectacular.  Our next stop was Olden another popular tourist attractions that receives many cruise ships each year.   Olden is a small village, and a population of 498 on 2013 ( I went in 2012) and by 2017 it had grown to 505.
郵輪繼續往北行,越來越 接近美麗風景和壯觀的冰川。 我與家人預定遊覽車帶我們去觀看冰川。當時七月份,冰川從山上堆積到湖泊岸,第一次親眼目睹這個自然奇景實在太壯觀噢! 離開冰川不遠有另一個較大的湖,在哪裏可以遠看冰川及雪山上的風景。而翠綠的湖面就在我的腳邊。 在我身後還有一間應該只在童話故事裏出現的小屋。

With 16 of us in my party, we had pre arranged a minibus to take us around.  This gave us a bit more flexibility compared to those who went on the excursions arranged by the cruise liner. Briksdalsbreen glacier is about half an hour away from Olden village and located inside the Jostedalsbreen National Park. From the drop off point, we could have taken a troll car ride, but it was a lovely day,  too nice not to go for a walk.

There were a few mild steep climb as we had to ascend a bit further up towards the glacier, and I remember walking across this bridge in front of one of the many waterfalls here.

This was the first time I had seen a glacier, and it was really something quite spectacular.  The glacier stops in front of a small lake so I could get pretty near to it.    Look at the ice behind me!  And this was in July.


After the glacier we stopped by the Oldevatnet lake on the way back.  There was a beautiful spot called Yrineset which is only about 7km from the glacier. From here we could look back and get a full view of the glacier.

It is at this spot that I took one on my favourite photos.    I actually uploaded onto Pixabay a few years ago, and I just checked, its been downloaded 55 times.  A travel company in New Zealand has even used it one of their tour packages!  I wonder if I should take it off Pixabay now?  Photographers, what do you think?

By now we were near towards the end of our Olden day out. Just one more stop to the village for a walk around.  Actually I felt a bit guilty intruding into their peace and quiet.  It was so beautiful here, and we weren’t being rowdy or anything so I’m sure we can be forgiven.  Who can resist such a beautiful place?

Rainy Bergen and Beautiful Olden

And this concludes the first two day of my trip to rainy Bergen and Beautiful Olden in Norway. Time to return to our cruise ship which was waiting for us at the port, towering over the village.  I wish I could have seen more, but that’s just life.  Another time, hopefully.
匆匆走訪挪威兩個景點, 可惜未能在這裏多停留一下。希望再機會再回來。