New Zealand adventures Part 2 Queenstown 新西蘭旅遊篇之二 皇后鎮

15th August 2017 4 By livinguktaiwan

After visiting the beautiful Milford Sound, today we go back to Queenstown to continue our trip around New Zealand. As we drove by Lake Wakatipu look what we saw coming towards us! Isn’t it just amazing?
離開米爾福德峽灣後,今天我們又回到皇后鎮繼續新西蘭之旅。當我們駕駛到瓦卡蒂普湖時,你看有什麼迎面而來? 很壯觀吧!

Once we let our friends pass by, we jumped out of the car to grab some photos by Lake Wakatipu. My first reaction was that there seems to be a lot of waves for a lake. It turns out that Lake Wakatipu is New Zealand’s longest lake (80km) shaped like a lightning bolt and this creates tide where the water level shifts by around 10cm every 25 minutes. You can see the tide in the photo below where I’ve had to mask out myself as it was so windy and my face was all screwed up like a gremlin.
朋友們離開後,我們下車去湖邊拍照。我第一個印象是覺得湖泊比較大浪。原來瓦卡蒂普湖是新西蘭最長的湖 (80km), 成閃電形狀,所以水位大概每25分鐘會有10cm起伏,形成小波浪。你從照片中就可以看到。當時比較大風,吹到我連眼睛也撐不開,所以無必要把小精靈臉孔收起來。

Queenstown is the home of  the first commercialised bungee jumping and many other adventurous activities for the adrenaline junkies. I’m a bit too old for all this and prefer to watch others scaring the hell out of enjoying themselves. This is Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, the world’s first commercial bungee jumping site. In fact this is the first time I’ve seen someone jump 43 metres off a bridge, Crazy!!!
皇后鎮有非常多刺激戶外活動,還包括第一個商業性高空彈跳地點。我年紀大,受不了這些刺激,所以還是看別人虐待自己感受剎那刺激比較好。Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge 就是剛才提到的第一個商業性高空彈跳地點。其實這次是我第一次親眼看人家從43m高空跳下來。真是瘋狂啦!

Next we went to Arthur’s Point and I watched as people took the Shotover Jet Boat ride, skimming 85kph along the river over just 10cm deep of water. It was very exciting to see them dashing around, doing a 360 degree spin, and going under the beautiful Edith Cavell Bridge that was built nearly 100 years ago.
下一站是去 Arthur’s Point 看人家玩噴射快艇。駕駛員開著快艇以85kph在只有10cm深的河流上,穿越狹窄而險要的峽谷,再來一個360度轉圈,最後經過差不多有 100年老的 Edith Cavell Bridge 回到基地。單是看也覺得很精彩,我想如果親身體驗一定很棒!

Before leaving Queenstown, I had booked ourselves in for lunch at one of the many vineyards in the Central Otago region. The vineyard we went to was called Mt Difficulty and diners get free wine tasting. Central Otago is famous for Pinot Noir, and Mt Difficulity’s was in deed very good. However, I was even more surprised by their Pinot Gris and ended buying that instead.
離開皇后鎮前,我訂了一家酒莊吃午餐。皇后鎮附近的 Central Otago 區以讓製黑比諾紅酒而著名。我去這一家 Mt Difficulty為用餐顧客安排免費品嚐餐酒。它們的黑比諾真很不錯,但讓我較有驚喜是它們的灰皮諾白酒,結果我反而買了這一瓶白酒。

The front of the restaurant had full length French doors overlooking the vineyards, I think this would offer fascinating views in the summer, but there wasn’t much to see in the winter.

The restaurant itself serves around 30 people and was fully booked on this Monday lunchtime. When the food arrived, I could understand why it is so popular.
這家餐廳不算大,大概可以坐30位客人。我去當天是星期一,但還是高朋滿座。當食物上菜時,我就完全明白為甚麼它那麼受歡迎哩!081517_1205_NewZealanda15.jpg After a fantastic lunch, its time to head off again. See you next time!