My Fitbit watch 智慧型健身手錶

My Fitbit watch 智慧型健身手錶

20th October 2017 1 By livinguktaiwan

A couple of years ago I got a Fitbit tracker. Apart from my mobile phone, I am not a big fan of gadgets, yet I found this little gadget made quite a big difference to my daily life.

In my old company, they used to reward employees with points which were given out as a pat on the back for good work done or instead of bonuses when a monetary bonus couldn’t be justified, as was often the case. These points could be used to exchange various things from an online catalogue such as a range of household items, electronics like TV, fridges, and shopping and day out vouchers.

When I was about to leave my company, I had some points which I didn’t want to go to waste. A couple of my friends had a Fitbit so I sort of knew its functionality and figured maybe I could benefit from it.


在我即將離開公司時,我還有些獎分未用又不想浪費。剛好有朋友買了 Fitbit 智慧健身手錶,我覺得功能不錯,所以就用獎分換了兩隻,希望可以對身體有點幫助。


The model I got was a the Charge HR. This tracker has all the standard functions like monitoring your steps, distances, activity during the day, calories burnt, and even how many equivalent floors you have climbed. I’ll show you an example.

Last month I went on a hiking trip, if you haven’t read my post about it, do take a look here.  That day I walked for 12km and over 20k steps in total. The first diagram is the steps and the second is the distance, broken down to 15 minutes sessions within the hour.

我換的型號是 Charge HR 。它有一般健身手錶的功能,例如步數,距離,消耗的熱量,還有爬了多少相等樓層的紀錄。你看看我這些過去的資料,是上個月我去加里山爬山。如果你沒有看過我的帖子,可以在這裡看

那天我一共走了超過 12公里和 2萬步。第一張圖是我當天走的步數,可以看到每15分鐘的進度,而第二張圖是顯示距離,同樣是每15分鐘為單位。



This walk was quite a strenuous one, and in total I ascended the equivalent of 181 floors, and burnt 2409 calories!
這條步道是蠻吃力的,有些路段需要拉繩子,所以那天我是爬了相等如 181層的大樓,還消耗 2409卡路里!




Apart from the standard tracking functions like steps and distance, the best thing I like about it is its heart rate and sleep tracking functions. There is a pair of light-based optical sensors underneath the watch which detects the blood volume changes and monitor the heart rate to produce the information.


For example, when I first got my Fitbit in Nov 2015, it showed that my heartbeat was averaging 77bpm. Shortly afterwards, I went away for holiday and there was a small dip. In January 16, I decided to quit work to move to Taiwan, and from there on you can see the downward slope as I began to relax and did my Round the Isle UK trip before finally moving to Taiwan in April 16. Since then, my heartbeat has leveled out, bar a little spike in July this year when I went on a two week holiday to New Zealand (holidaying can be quite tiring and stressful sometimes!)
例如我在 2015年11月換這隻手錶是,我每分鐘心跳是平均77次。之後我放假去旅行,心跳有微微向下調。2016年1月我決定辭職,從這時開始到四月來台灣,連同我中間去了英國環島遊散心,我的心跳在沒壓力下就往下降。來到台灣後,除了7月份到紐西蘭旅行兩個星期有短暫微升之外(去旅行也會有壓力啊!),我的心跳現在已穩定下來。




Normally I would be quite skeptical about these gadgets and how accurate they are, but having seen the downward trend between Jan to Apr 16, I think my opinion of them has changed quite a lot. There is definitely stress which we are not aware of in life, and luckily for me, things improved when I made changes in my life.
平時我對這些電子小玩意會抱著懷疑的態度,但當我見到2016年1月至3月份的心跳監測顯示時,我對它馬上改觀。 我覺得每個人的生活也有一些無形的壓力,自己可能也不知道。幸好我在自己生活上作了一些較大的改變,可以舒緩我的壓力。


The other clever thing about the optical sensors is that it monitors my sleep patterns. If it detects no movement for a certain period of time, it assumes you have gone to sleep and starts to track your sleep trends. In this graph for example, it registers my inactivity from about 1am. During the night if I toss and turn, the sensor picks that up and classifies it as a restless moment, but not awake. The red bar near the right of the diagram is when I did wake up.  That’s likely to be the alarm waking me up, but then I dropped back off to sleep for a short while again before I finally got up!
健身手錶另外一個非常聰明之處,就是可以監測我的睡眠狀態。 如果它在一段較長的時間發覺我沒有任何動靜,它就會開始進入睡眠監測狀態。 就像以下的圖表,它在大概一點鐘就察覺我已開始睡眠。當睡覺時我有任何移動或是轉身,光纖監測器會測到,紀錄成睡得不安但不是醒覺。 圖表中右邊的紅色線就是我醒覺的時候,這應該是鬧鐘響後但我繼續懶床,再過一會才起床!fitbit_sharing_1187956767



The heart beat and sleep monitoring are definitely my two favourite functions especially the latter, as that is the only time when I don’t know what is happening with myself. Whilst the information ~ for example if I’m having continuous restless nights or have a high heart beat ~ doesn’t tell me how to improve things, it does make me aware of the situation which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
監測心跳及睡眠這兩項功能,是我覺得最有用及喜愛的。尤其是後者,因為睡覺時,是唯一一段我不知道自己發生什麼事的時候。 雖然這些資料不會教我如何改變生活,但至少它讓我知道有問題出現,需要留意或是去尋找改善的方法。


This blue Fitibit is actually my second one. My first one was a black one, but part of the component came loose and I had to use sticky tape to keep it together. Whilst it still worked, Fitbit has a two year replacement policy in Europe (one year for the rest of the world) whereby they will offer you a free replacement, so I contacted them asking for a replacement.  Within two weeks a brand new one came through the post. Excellent service!

這個智慧健康手錶其實是我第二隻。 我第一隻是黑色的,戴了1年多後,其中一個小零件開始脫落,我需要用膠帶把它貼著。雖然這沒影響它的功能仍然可以運作,但歐洲買的健身手錶,Fitbit有提供兩年的保養。 如果有問題他們會免費換一隻新的。於是,我就發電郵給他們,不出兩個星期已把新手錶寄到我手。它們的服務真的很棒!!


My only complaint about the Fitbit, is now that I wear it every day, I can’t wear two watches at the same time and all my other nice watches are just sitting in my drawer.