My Best Christmas Ever 過一個白色聖誕

My Best Christmas Ever 過一個白色聖誕

25th December 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

One of my best Christmas ever was spending a week at Brecon Beacon in Wales, UK,  nine years ago.  Just the two of us away from everyone and everything.

我最難忘的聖誕是九年前在英國威爾斯租了一家小石屋度過一個白色聖誕。 小石屋位於南威爾斯的布雷肯比肯斯, 屬於郊外地區。四周都是一片片野外田園, 可以遠離人間煩囂,度過一個寧靜的聖誕。 我在哪裏一個星期幾乎沒有出外。躲在小屋內, 坐在火爐旁 ,望著窗外雪, 不其然感到一股暖流在心裏。


That year I booked a little cottage called The Old Toolshed which is part of a 300 acre farm in Brecon Beacons National Park.   The nearest town, Brecon is about 11km away, so we came armed with groceries to last us for the week as I had little intention of going back to civilization if I could help it.

As we left the main roads, we gradually ventured into rural Wales. We drove pass small country lanes with miles of hilly fields stretching out on either side.  Eventually I got to the end of the lane, and arrived at our home for the next 7 days. Our accommodation was a stone cottage right next to the owner/farmer’s own house.  It was small and cosy, exactly what I wanted.


What I loved most about the cottage is its coziness inside.  There was a real wood open fire, a bookcase of books and games, a simple radio and TV.  Communications wasn’t at its best in this part of the world.  And remember, this was nine years go.  I can’t remember if we had high speed internet yet, if we did it probably hadn’t got to rural Wales yet.  Anyway, that didn’t matter, as the whole idea of spending a week here was to get away from everything and everyone.

Over the first few days, we hardly left the cottage other than to go outside to the barn to collect some fresh log for the open fire.  At most holiday cottages, they normally charge you for each basket of logs. Here, logs were in abundance and the owner told us to just go and get more logs when we ran out.



When we arrived here a few days before Christmas, there was already a light dust of snow. Being in the middle of the national park, the view was nothing short of stunning.  I remember we didn’t have very heavy snow that Christmas., just enough to cover the ground and keep it snowy white and magical.  That’s all I needed for my white Christmas.

My Best Christmas




My best christmas ever wouldn’t be the best without a christmas tree.   A couple of weeks before I was due to arrive, the owner emailed and asked if I wanted a Christmas tree in the cottage.  Did he even have to ask?  Of course I did!!! I emailed back immediately, and dug out all my christmas decorations from the attic.

Amongst them was a special bauble from my old company, and a set of hand painted egg shells bauble that I bought from Hungary a few years ago. Or was it Poland?  I can’t remember, but either way, they were exquisite.

I also bought along a pair of Christmas decorations that my neighbour had given to me.

And here’s my Christmas tree.  Doesn’t it just look magical inside this lovely cosy cottage?  Even my Christmas dinner tasted so much better that year.

My Best Christmas

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and to be honest neither do I in the religious way.  However, I really love the atmosphere, particularly when I spend a white Christmas in a cosy cottage anyway from everyone and everything with my loved one.  The enchantment and serenity is priceless and I have yet to spend a Christmas to top this.

This post is a festive gift to you. A thank you gift for your support during the year, for taking time to read my posts, listen to my ramblings, and supporting me with your kind words and comments.  I wish you the best for the festive season, and may happiness be with you wherever you are.

LivingUKTaiwan, 2018.

My Best Christmas