Little Twin Stars nostalgic toys 雙星子

Little Twin Stars nostalgic toys 雙星子

8th October 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

It all started when I was at primary school in Hong Kong, I must have been about 14 or 15. (I was a late starter because I went back to Hong Kong from UK when I was a young child. Back in thse day, I didn’t know any Chinese so was a few years behind at school). When we finished primary school, everyone went around with an autograph book and exchanged farewell messages. I bought a notebook with Little Twin Star cartoon characters for mine. I think that’s probably what kicked off my love for Little Twin Stars.

喜歡雙星子,應該是從小學畢業時買了一本雙星子筆記簿做紀念冊。 長大後,見到有雙星子可愛物品經常都會買,可能都是因為童年回憶的關係。 其實很多時買的東西都沒什麼實際用途,就只是因為喜歡。


Anyway, my Little Twin Star autograph book got stashed away all these years until a few decades later. I was going through some old stuff one day and found it. It bought back some nice, and not so nice memories from primary school. Suddenly I fell back in love with Little Twin Stars again. I started to buy random Little Twin Star objects but was never a prolific collector. Most of the stuff was pretty useless, but sometimes you just want to buy things because it’s pretty and cute.

One of my biggest purchase was two sets of mystery toy boxes some years ago. You know sometimes companies launch a range of toys, but you don’t know which toy you will get in the box. I saw two of these sets for Little Twin Star on the internet, and if you buy the entire box of 8, you’re guaranteed to get the whole set. I was in UK when I saw this. and ordered directly from Japan. I had it sent to my brother in Hong Kong instead of UK as the postage was very expensive. Then I had to wait for a few months for his next visit to UK to bring it over to me. It wasn’t urgent or anything, so I figured there was no point spending more on postage.

I remember I felt like a little girl when he bought my 2 boxes over. I had 16 little boxes to open and every one of them were different. One box was a kitchen theme, and the other a household theme.

幾年前在網路上見到雙星子有兩套神秘玩具盒, 超級可愛! 當時我在英國,在日本網上訂購後寄到香港弟弟的家,之後又要等好幾個月,弟弟從香港帶到英國給我。 反正是不趕的,這樣就可以省了不少郵費。記得當時神秘玩具盒終於到手, 16個小盒子慢慢一個一個拆開。 裏面的玩具非常精緻又有心思,每開一個都有小驚喜, 看到簡直心都溶化了。


And to give you an idea, this is how big they are.


Each of the 16 little boxes contained various smaller objects to make up a mini scene. The attention to detail was remarkable, and any Little Twin Stars fan will instantly recognize them. My favourite set is the food mixer in the above photo. The paddle on the mixer turns around, and they even included a pair of very small figurines to hang on to the mixing bowl. Sadly I lost Kiki, the blue brother (yes, they do have names!!!) so Lala, the pink sister is on her own now. Did you notice she’s wearing a toque? That’s the level of details you get on these toys.



I had these packed away when I moved flats two years ago, and forgot about them until a few days ago. Can’t remember why I suddenly thought of them, might be hormones kicking in!!! Now they’re wrapped up again till next time.   Bye bye Kiki and Lala!

前兩年搬家,小玩意收在抽屜裏沒有拿出來,幾乎忘記它的存在。 今天拿出來看看,拍拍照又過了一個下午。 雙星子包裝好,又回到抽屜裏了。下次見!!