Get to know me better

Get to know me better

29th September 2018 2 By livinguktaiwan

I realised I’ve been blogging for over two years already. Some of my followers may have started following me recently and don’t know much about me and my blog. So I thought I’d do a Get to know me post, like a sort of self introduction. So far I’ve done over 250 posts, and I’m going to showcase a few of my favorite ones. If you like these, please do check out the rest of my blog and I’d love if you follow me if this is your first visit here!

Get to know me Better

First things first, I’m Pauline, great to meet you! I go by @LivingUKTaiwan on my blog. It may look like a long handle, but if you break it down, it’s pretty simple Living-UK-Taiwan. I live in UK and Taiwan, or to be more precise, I have two homes. Home home is UK as that’s where I’m from. And my current home is Taiwan – please don’t get that mixed up with Thailand!!!! I’ve been living in Taiwan for over two years and I started to blog after I came to Taiwan. Originally I blogged about my life here to keep my overseas friends and family up to date with what I was up to. Then I figured I’d share my travels and holidays with them. And that’s how my blog sort of evolved, mainly about my travels around the world, hikes I did and places I went to in UK. I also want share more about Taiwan as I think it has so much to offer yet is so under rated.


Get to know me Posts

A Walk Along River Thames

I used to live near here when I was in London in UK, and loved to walk along this stretch of the River Thames. When I went back to UK earlier this year for a visit, I drove back just so I could stroll along the river again. It bought back so much great memories.



Kaohsiung yesterday and today

Moving to another country is all about exploring new places. One of the places I visited not long after I arrived at Taiwan was Kaohsiung, a city down south. Kaohsiung has a long and interesting history from when it used to be ruled the Spaniards, Dutch, the Qing Dynasty, and the pain it suffered in modern history from its own government. I learnt a lot about Taiwan during this trip.
Kaohsiung Cafe, Taiwan


My Chinese Wedding Dress

Like all girls, my wedding was one of the best days in my life. This was the Chinese ceremony day when I had my main wedding banquet in Hong Kong. Writing this post was interesting as I had to do quite a bit of research on the background of the Chinese wedding dress. And afterwards, I realised that even amongst Chinese around different parts of the world, we all have different wedding cultures and even wedding dress. Turns out many are aware of this type of wedding dress but had not seen a real one or let along wore one before.



Dancing in the sky – The Northern Lighth

From speeding on a snowmobile to a one reindeer sleigh ride

Definitely my most memorable holiday, seeing the northern lights in Finland. Apart from seeing the northern lights, there were many other first for me during this trip – standing in the cold in -30 degrees for an hour but not feeling the cold at all, riding a snowmobile, going on a husky ride, going on a reindeer sleigh ride, snow walking, making a snow angel… I wish I could it all again.
Raiding a snowmobile in Norway



Trekking Machu Picchu – we arrived at last!!

This is my second most memorable holiday – trekking the Machu Picchu in Peru. The Machu Picchu is one of, if not the most important archaeological places in the world. I trekked for a day to get here as opposed to catching the bus up. When you work hard for something, it feels/looks so much better. I still remember seeing the site with my own eyes for the first time, all the tiredness and ache that had built up during the past 7 hours of hiking instantly disappeared.Me and a llama at Macchi Picchu



Normally, all my posts are about things I get up to, my travels etc and I use photos to help tell my story. This is one of the few, actually might be the only one piece of pure writing I’ve done. Fact or Fiction? What do you think?


What did you think about my get to know me posts?

I have deliberately chosen some earlier posts from my blog as I started off writing some of my favourite topics first. Also I figured, if you’ve started following me not long ago, then you probably wouldn’t have read my earlier stuff. All of these selections, reflects me in one way or other, and hopefully through them, you will get to know be better now. I hope will check them out and let me know which was your favourite post. Thanks for dropping by.