First night in Ho Chi Minh 胡志明市的第一夜

7th May 2018 10 By livinguktaiwan

Living in Taiwan for two years have prepared me well for the traffic in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. Glad to report I have survived my first evening in this busy city.

After checking into my accomodation, I was told to take a left turn outside the building, cross the river and walk 500m to the backpacker area for some yummy food. When I got outside, all I saw was a massive flyover flooding with peak hour traffic but nowhere to cross the river at all.

It turns out there is a pavement on either side of the flyover. So on I go, walking on the flyover high above the river, low barrier on one side, zooming traffic on the other, and stepping over the quite a few homeless on the way.
原來過橋是需要走高架橋旁的行人路。 左邊河上的欄桿很低,右邊機車汽車一起飆過來,間中亦要踏過行人路旁的露宿者,可以說是步步驚心的走。PSX_20180503_232909.jpg

The 500m walk was actually about 1.5km. After about 20 minutes in the hot summer evening, I was hot and hungry so plonked myself into the first place that looked like they did decent looking Vietnamese food. It turned out to be ok by Vietnamese standards, but good by Taiwanese standards. Then I realised there was a much better one around the corner which I had researched beforehand so I went there for round two. One can never have too much Vietnamese food.
500公尺的路其實應該是1.7公里才對。 結果走到一身大汗,又累又餓看到第一間像樣的越南餐廳馬上跑進去。食物還算可以。吃完後發覺原來之前資料搜集的另一家越南餐廳就在附近,只需多走一分鐘就到。結果再去吃第二餐,很美味!PSX_20180503_231639.jpg

So here’s my first night in Ho Chi Minh city. Don’t forget to check out my video as well.
我就這樣在越南胡志明市度過我的第一夜。 還有,記得觀看我的視頻噢!