Cromer in the UK 英國克羅默海邊小鎮

Cromer in the UK 英國克羅默海邊小鎮

24th August 2018 0 By livinguktaiwan

Back in 2011 I went to Cromer in the Norfolk.  It’s a seaside town on the east of England, quite similar to my own seaside hometown on the west of England.  The thing with most places in England is that if you go back in ten years time, it probably hasn’t changed much, or at all.   I haven’t been back to Cromer since 2011, but I can bet you that like my hometown, it hasn’t changed over the years.

多年前去了英國東部一個名為克羅默的海邊小鎮。 黑羅默以螃蟹著名,到這裏的旅遊必定會品嘗。在英國吃螃蟹一般是冷吃,餐廳會把 螃蟹肉拆解放在蟹蓋內讓客人吃,非常方便。 克羅默鎮內本身,其實並沒有什麼好看。 唯獨是建於1901年的海邊碼頭, 我覺得可以去逛逛。我很喜歡在英國的海邊碼頭上散步,因為總會讓我想起兒時跟父母在英國家鄉小鎮的海邊碼頭上散步一樣。


Cromer is a bit out of the way for me from my hometown, in fact its over 450k away, and that’s if I’m in England.  Now that I’m in Taiwan, its even further away.  The town is most famous for Cromer crab, but of course I didn’t drive all the way here just for the crab. That would be rather silly.  Cromer was part of my long weekend away to the Norfolks Broads and was a day trip during that weekend.  I figured that since I went all the way to Norfolk, I should pop into Cromer to try its most famous delicacy.  Actually by the time I arrived at Cromer, it was past lunch time and all the places were closed for lunch so I figured I’d explore Cromer first. To be honest, there wasn’t much in the town.  The most famous landmark was The Church of St Peter and St Paul in the center of town which dates back to the 14th century.

With not much to do in town, I decided to head over to thebeach instead, afterall this was a seaside town.  I went through this alley way, and down the ramp to the beach.


No English seaside town would be complete without a quintessential pier.  Piers in England dates back to the Victorian times and is a great reflection of the architectural and engineering skills in those days.   Cromer Pier opened in 1901 and as an English pier is quite unique as it has a theatre, the Pavilion Theatre.  It is only one of the five piers that have that, most piers have a fun fair.

I like seaside towns as they always remind me of home.  I like the smell of the sea, the sound of the splashing waves, the cry of the seagulls flying above, the sea breeze blowing into my face.  And most important of all, I like strolling along the pier just like I always did when I was a kid with my parents.

I remember that day was a typical English day, the weather wasn’t the best as we don’t tend to get much good weather in England.  The beach was rather deserted as it wasn’t the peak season, and with it being a shingle beach I don’t think you’d really want to sunbathe here.


Anyway, I lingered around till 5ish, and found this cafe who served Cromer Crab.  The dressed crab looks no different from the other dressed crabs you find in England,  and I don’t know if its because it’s so famous or if I was very hungry, it tasted really good!

With my mission completed, now it was time to leave Cromer.  I haven’t been back again …… yet.