Central Day & Night – Day 中環日與夜之日篇

Central Day & Night – Day 中環日與夜之日篇

22nd February 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan


Having lived and worked in Hong Kong for a long time, I always feel lost in Central, the central busy district of Hong Kong. I’ve always worked at Pacific Place inAdmiralty. the commerical area just next to Central.  At one time I could have told you the location of every shop in Pacific Place.  But once I step into Central, I’m pretty much lost.

Mid levels in Central is even worse.  That’s where a lot of the expats like to hang around and live as it’s just a stone’s throw away from the CBD.  When I’m lost in Central I can at least find my bearing from the MTR (underground stations), but at the mid levels, I’m total lost.  My only bearing is the famous mid level escalators.  Once I leave that, I’m pretty much doomed.





On my recent trip back to Hong Kong, I decided to venture into unfamiliar territory.   Since the British colonised Hong Kong, the mid levels has always been a mix of east and west.  In the old days, the westerners were the government officials representing the Crown, and a small handful of wealthy Chinese merchants who made the ranks.  The demographics today consist of a handful of westerners who continue to work in the former colony, local ersidents who have lived in the area for decades, and many younger generation Chinese returning overseas who still prefer a more westernised living envionment.

One thing I do know about not getting lost in Central mid levels, is to keep walking uphill.  If you see a steep road ahead of you, just keep going.  You’ll be heading the right direction.


最近回香港,終於決定到這個陌生的地方走走。中環半山畢竟有它深厚的歷史,可以看到香港百年歲月的變化。打從英治時代開始,它都是一個華洋集處的地方。以前是大英帝國高官商人和少數能躋身於上流社會的華人。今天是仍然在香港打拚的老外,夾雜住了幾十年的老街坊和外地回流還喜歡外國 feel的新一輩華人。人口結構隨著時代改變,但還是一個很獨特的地方。


Not sure where I have wandered off to and what street this is.  There were colourful drawings outside the shops.  You don’t need to know Chinese to guess what they sell.

這條不知是甚麼街。 幾家店外畫上色彩鮮明的圖畫。不懂中文也大概猜到什麼葫蘆賣什麼藥。

There are many stand alone stalls one the streets, seems like they’ve been around for a long time.  They’re all resting on specially made stilts so they don’t topple over.  Sadly there were all shut in the afternoon, would have loved to see them when they were open.

街上有不少攤檔似乎已經營多年。 檔口建在特別的腳架上,這樣才不會傾斜。可惜下午全部都沒有營業,不知是做什麼生意呢?

I turned a corner and came to Elgin Streeet.  Here east meets west, old meets new.  The green stall is a cafe and next to it swanky modern restaurant.

轉了一個彎,原來這是依利近街。 傳統街檔食肆旁邊是新派餐廳 ,外牆畫上美觀的油畫。 又見證華洋集處,新舊共存的一面。

It took me 15 minutes to walk up this section of the street from the MTR.  I turned around when I got to the top.  Tall office buildings stood ahead of me, this is the modern cosmpolitan Hong Kong.  I wonder what the view was like in the old days?  And what will become of Hong Kong in the future?  Will I still get lost in Central?  Or will Hong Kong change beyond recognition?

從地鐵站出來走了一小段路已經花了十五分鐘。 回頭一看,前面是高樓林立, 充份表現出香港都市的動感。 相比昔日風貌,不知如何?香港將來又會變成怎樣呢?