Ancient castle, stables and bridges in England 英國城堡馬厩小橋各樣古蹟

Ancient castle, stables and bridges in England 英國城堡馬厩小橋各樣古蹟

19th June 2018 1 By livinguktaiwan

In my last post, I showed you a photo of the Dunster Castle from far afield. Today, let’s continue our journey and take a look inside the castle premises. Before we go in, I want to tell you first of all that the castle isn’t very big or grand, didn’t want to get your expectations up.
上次帶大家遙望英國的 Dunster城堡,今次會帶大家到內面參觀。

Dunster Castle was built in the 11th by a French guy after the Normans occupied England. Then in 1376 they sold it a local wealthy family, the Luttrell’s who owned it for the next 600 odd years. In 1944 the Luttrell’s had to sell of big chunk of the property to pay for death duties ~ you know what they say, the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes, so imagine what is like when both happen at the same time. Anyway, I’ve digressed, let’s get back to our tour and step through the Great Gatehouse which was built by the Luttrell’s after they bought the castle. To be honest, if I bought a massive castle, the first thing I’d do was to build a gatehouse as well.
城保在諾曼人入侵英格蘭後,由法國人於11世紀建造,直到 1376年才賣了給當地一家英國富有家族。 你有聽過,生命中唯一絕對的兩件事是死亡及稅務嗎? 這個家族一直擁有這座城堡,直到1944年為了要支付遺產稅,才賣掉城保一部分。 言歸正傳,我們不如現在去參觀城堡吧。 城堡的入口要經過這座前閘大樓 , 是新保主於14世紀加建。

Beyond the Great Gatehouse is the lower part of the castle. Funny enough, apart from the souvenir shop and cafe, I can’t remember much about what’s inside these buildings, so it couldn’t have been that interesting. The long row of low buildings by the tree are the stables.

What I liked about these stables are that they are built of stone, and I particularly love the cobblestone floor. Although they are to house horses, quite a lot of attention was paid on decorating the partitions and railings. In fact, if they ever need to build new toilets on the premises, I think this would be an ideal location to save on some building costs, not that I’m saying men are like horses …
馬厩是用石建造,我尤其喜歡卵石建的地面 。 雖然是養馬兒,但裏面其他的裝潢絕不馬虎。 我覺得如果需要加建男厠,這裏已有現成的屏幕,是不錯的選擇喔!

To be honest, I couldn’t remember much about the inside of the castle, and the fact I don’t have many photos, maybe meant it wasn’t really that spectacular. I did take a photo of this rather regal and English study, and managed to make a few phone calls and sign some important paperwork whilst I was there.

Dunster Castle is built on the top of a 200ft tall hill, often called a Tor in this part of the world. The view at the top is quite magnificent. Towards the north is the Bristol Channel and Wales on the other side of the channel, and to south is looking towards Exmoor, one of south west England’s most beautiful landscape.
城堡建於200英尺高的小山坡,遙望北面是 Bristol Channel ,向南望是英國西南部有名的 Exmoor 國家公園 。

The whole of Dunster is filled with many old buildings and structures, and it seems that it hasn’t changed much over the centuries. That’s great for history buffs, and I think we need more of these places to preserve our heritage and history. For example this is Gallox Bridge behind me and dates back to the 15th century. It’s quite a narrow bridge measuring 1.2m wide. If you remember from my previous post, Dunster was a busy wool trade center in the old days, and this bridge was built for horses carrying wool and cloth to the market for trading.
Dunster 周圍古蹟隨處可見, 像這條Gallox小橋建於15世紀。Dunster當年是一個很繁榮的市集,而小橋是建來給馬兒運載貨品到市集售賣,所以只有 1.2米闊。

After a long day walking around Dunster, we finally went back to my quirky hotel for the evening. I’m going to leave you with a couple of photos of the hotel lounge, decorated with bits and pieces of collection by the owner. Till next time, bye!!!
在 Dunster 逛了一整天,晚上回到旅休息。最後在這裏跟大家分享旅館的客廳,裏面擺滿旅館主人收集各式各樣別緻的擺設。