ACMA CGMA – how much does these letters cost?

ACMA CGMA – how much does these letters cost?

26th April 2019 45 By livinguktaiwan

£285 a year.  That’s USD368 or NTD11400.

That’s how much ACMA CGMA costs

I spent three years of study and exams to get these letters.   To be honest, I don’t know if these letters helped me with my career at all.  I had other qualifications and this was a bit of icing on the cake as I had probably studied half of the syllabus previously.   Luckily getting the qualification didn’t cost me anything financially.  My old company sponsored the courses, exams fees, and annual subscription when I was still working.  Now that I’m not working, these letters are nice to have but a bit superfluous especially since they equate to nearly half a month of my currrent living expenses.

In the first year of my career break, I paid the annual subs out of habit.  In the second year I told CIMA that I was on a career break and whether I could pay a reduced fee.  I think they offered me something like 75% off.  This year I asked if I could put my membership on hold and start paying the subs once I return to work.  They said I’d have to resign from CIMA and rejoin in future to avoid the annual fees.  In the meanwhile I wouldn’t be able to use these letters.  This was fine with me, as to be honest, how many of you know what ACMA CGMA or CIMA stands for?

Today I went into LinkedIn to remove the letters from my profile. It’s been ages since I access the website and it was like a blast from the past.  I was very happy to see that some ex colleagues had moved onto greater and better things.  They were people with whom I had worked closely with for many nights and days on major projects in my old life.  Together, we commiserated contract losses and celebrated wins.   Some had moved overseas starting a new life, a bit like me.  Others were celebrating their xx anniversary in their job, life goes on for them.

How’s life treating you?