A windy day at Glastonbury Tor, UK 超大風的英國

A windy day at Glastonbury Tor, UK 超大風的英國

17th August 2021 0 By livinguktaiwan

The other week I went to Glastonbury in the south west of England. This town is most famous for two things. One is the Glastonbury Festival, one of the most popular festivals in UK, and the second is Glastonbury Tor.


英國天氣可以很飄忽,有時一天內會遇上下大雨,酷熱的天和凜冽強風。前幾個星期我出外遊玩,就正正遇上這樣的一天。 當天我到英國西南部一處名為Glastonbury 的地方,它最著名是小山丘上的一座好幾百年的透天塔。而小山邱上可以眺望一望無際360度的遠景。從市中心步行去要約20分鐘,途中我遇上傾盆大雨要擱置行程,然後等到天氣好再繼續。影片中我會分享上山的行程,因為當天超級大風,吹到我幾乎站不著腳,真是既刺激又好玩!另外片內我加上中英文字幕,因為之後的風聲實在太大,根本聽不到講話,但我又想跟大家分享這個超極刺激的環境,讓大家感受一下英國超大風的氣氛。

Galstonbury Tor

On the way to Glastonbury Tor

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from town to the top of the Glastonbury Tor which offers magnificent 360-degree views of the area. On my first attempt, it started to rain cats and dogs half way so I had to go back to town. Luckily after lunch the the weather turned for the good and I made it to the Tor. However, it was mega windy and I nearly got blown over!!!

The video below shows how ferocious the wind can be, so ferocious that you can hardly hear me speak most of the time. Not that it really mattered because my voice over is in Cantonese, that’s why I have included English subtitles. I’m keeping the original sound track in the video because I want to show everyone how windy it is. It was truly a fun experience with an awesome view at Glastonbury. I hope you will enjoy watching the video as much as I did there.

Galstonbury Tor
Galstonbury Tor

Galstonbury Tor


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