A tour of London skycrapers 走訪倫敦摩天大樓

A tour of London skycrapers 走訪倫敦摩天大樓

19th December 2017 0 By livinguktaiwan

London isn’t most famous for its skyline and skycrapers, but in recent years there has been an abundance of new building that have been built. UK doesn’t vie with other countries to build the tallest buildings, but we do have some very special ones which I want to share with you.


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Our tallest skyscraper, The Shard in London is 310m tall. It is the 4th tallest in Europe and the 96th tallest in the world.
我們最高的摩天大樓,倫敦的 The Shard 高310米。在歐洲排名第4最高,而世界第排名則是第96位。ss7

The Shard is called the shard because it looks like a piece of broken glass with sharp edges. If you look at it closely, don’t you think this looks like pieces of broken glasses standing up?
The Shard的名字是因為它看起來像一塊碎邊玻璃,邊緣鋒利。如果你仔細觀察,你覺得這像是幾片站起來的玻璃碎片嗎?ss4

You won’t miss the building if you go to London as the city isn’t that big and the building exterior is very distinctive. It is located at London Bridge, that’s why you get this brilliant view of the London Bridge station when you are inside the building.

In fact, can you imagine yourself working inside this magnificent office, looking out to one of the most vibrant international city in the world?

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Opposite The Shard, you can see a building with a white outline, this is 20 Fenchurch Street, but it is better known as the Walkie Talkie because of its distinctive shape. Its concave design and the exterior glass mirrors caused controversy when it opened in 2013. The design caused an abnormal strong sun ray which when reflected back down to the street was powerful enough to cook an egg! In the end, the building owners had to install a big sunshade to deflect the rays.
在 The Shard 對面,有一棟白色輪廓的建築物,這是20 Fenchurch Street,由於其獨特的形狀,它有一個很有趣的外號叫對講機。它的凹形設計和外部的玻璃表面,在2013年建成時引起了小風波。大樓的設計造成了異常強烈的太陽光線,當反射回到街上時熱力足以煎熟雞蛋!結果,建築商建需要安裝一個大遮陽篷來轉移射線才能解決問題。

Controversy aside, the Walkie Talkie is worth visiting if you are in London. They have a Sky Garden on the top floor which offers spectacular views of London, especially in the evening as the sun goes down in London. Entrance is free but you have to book in advance online.

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The last building I want to share is 30 St Mary Axe, or better known as the Gherkin. Along with The Shard, the Gherkin’s iconic contemporary design with a pointed top makes it one of the most recognisable buildings in London.
最後我想分享的一幢大樓是30 St Mary Axe,它的外號更有趣,是小黃瓜。它獨特的現代設計與尖頂,使其跟 The Shard 成為倫敦最知名的建築。

Here is a close up night view from when I was having dinner in a restaurant located in building nearby. I could nearly see the people still working in the office late at night!


Thanks for joining me on the quick tour of London skyscrapers. I hope you have enjoyed it.