A nice government building? “被配合” 總統候選人在這裏辦造勢大會

A nice government building? “被配合” 總統候選人在這裏辦造勢大會

18th December 2019 0 By livinguktaiwan

Sundays are normally stay in days as I don’t like going out when it’s crowded. However, sometimes it’s nice to make a change especially if I get to go to new places, such as a nice government building.

平常週末很少出外,人多車多,還是躲在家裡較好。剛過去的星期日,公共電視舉辦一個名為《世界公視大展精選》的活動。 地點在台中市政府大樓內。


It’s not difficult to believe this is the local city government building. Where do you think tax payer money normally goes ?? Judging by the people around, you can probably tell this is a very big building. The panel on the left is a massive TV screen. This is just one side of the building, there’s another side on the left of the screen which is equally large.

你看這座大樓多麼宏偉,外面還有一個超大螢幕。 市政大樓外面有很大的廣場。幾個月前,某位”被配合” 的總統候選人在這裏辦造勢大會, 據說當日有20萬人出席。 政客的說話誠信度有多高就見仁見智。就算是誇大十倍,這個廣場也可以坐滿2萬人,不少喔!

There’s a large public space in front of the building. Back in June, one of the presidential candidate held a supporters gathering here and claimed that 20k people attended. Depending on how much you believe in a politician’s word, that gives you an idea on how big this space is.


Anyway, I’m not here today to slag off the authorities. The reason I came to the city government building on a Sunday is to watch a couple of documentaries organised by the Public Television Service. The PTS is like a state run TV station but not the type that brainwash you with rubbish and propaganda. They produce rather dull, informative, diversify, non-entertaining programs that the commercial stations don’t broadcast. Today’s screening (free, I have to add) is a series of documentaries which is part of the 2019 Best of INPUT.

言歸正傳吧。世界公視大展精選今年的主題是《黑暗告白》, 而這天的環節名為《科技抗暴》。第一套播放的紀錄片《比踹下樓梯的那天》講關於西班牙加泰隆尼亞在 2017年公投獨立時, 警方為阻止市民公投而作出的暴力行為。 這套紀錄片跟現在香港抗爭的情況很類似。 第二套紀錄片是《喇嘛的智慧生活》, 探討手機在印度流亡的喇嘛日常生活中的角色。 兩套紀錄片都不是我一般會選擇看的。但有時探討新事物,也未嘗不是一件好事。


The viewing was held in the auditorium and the today’s topic was called Tech Savvy Civil Resistance. This is about the role of technology, specifically mobile phones in civil movements. The first documentary is called The People on the Steps. It’s about the force and abuse the Spanish National Police exerted on some Catalonia citizens when they tried to vote in the referendum for independence in 2017. The second is called On the Spot : Smart World Tech Monks. It’s about Tibetian monks in exile in India, and how they use mobile phone to stay in touch with their families back home.

Neither films were ones that I would normally choose to watch. However, both proved very interesting, and sometimes it’s good to go beyond your normal genre and explore new things. In particular, I found the first documentary very resonating.



After the viewing finished, the big event poster outside the auditorium had been put to one side. They were already setting up tomorrow’s event – Invest in Taichung City. I thought it was a bit of an irony. Today’s public service event had hardly finished yet, and the local government couldn’t wait for their next event to go grab some money. (I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t slag them off)

這個活動的告示屏幕原本放在大門口前,看完紀錄片出來時,它已被移到一旁。 取而代之是明天的活動,《投資台中招商大會》的廣告屏幕。 這邊廂的文化活動還未完結,那邊廂已趕著預備明天的商機。唉!



I took the stairs down from the fourth floor. Got to the atruim to admire the art lamp posts, and the massive open space. Nice government building…

離開時,我從4 樓的樓梯慢慢往下走。市政大樓不愧為市政大樓,很美哦!





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