2018 plans – little steps // 2018年個人計劃 ~ 一小步一小步走

2nd January 2018 4 By livinguktaiwan

Hello everyone!  In my first post of the year, I would like to wish you all a prosperous 2018, and to thank you for the support in the past.

The last time I made a plan was in 2016, in fact I made a major decision that year to quit work, leave UK to take an extended career break in Taiwan . In 2017, I had no plans, other than to continue my new found lifestyle and enjoy it to its full. Now with 2018 arriving, it might be a good idea to be a bit more sensible, and put some thoughts into what I should do this year. I’m not a big planner, so I don’t have grand plans because I know I rarely keep to them. So here’s a couple of small steps that I have in mind.
上一次做新年大計是2016年。那次做了一個很大的決定,決定辭職放棄工作,離開英國到台灣居住 。2017年沒有什麼計劃,只是在好好享受新的悠閒生活。 現在2018年來了,就趁這機會好好計劃一下吧! 我不是一個很有毅力的人,經常決定的事情都完成不了,所以我也不會太過進取,只是決定做些小小的計劃。

睡得更健康 Sleep better and healthier

I’m fortunate that I don’t have to get up at 7am to go to work anymore, but the problem is I tend to stay up till quite late. Normally by the time I get into bed is around 1am, so I do allow myself to sleep in till around 9am. I know… many of you will say 8 hours sleep is a luxury ?, but time over time I have told myself I want to start my day earlier to make the most of it.  This year I’m going to target bedtime before midnight and get up at 8am every day. I’ve said that for quite a few years already, maybe now I’ve broadcasted it to the public, it might give myself some pressure and I might succeed?
現在很幸運,不用每天清早六、七點起床上班,但是我卻頗晚才睡覺。一般我上床時已是凌晨一點多,所以我亦縱容自己睡到早上九點才起床。 我知道,每天有八小時的睡眠其實也已很充足很奢侈?。 但我很希望把我一天開始的時間調早一點,不要浪費早上的光陰。今年我的目標是在午夜十二時之前睡, 早上八點起床,過充實的每一天。其實這句話我已講了好幾年,這次在網上發表,說不定加點壓力給自己,可能有效?

運動 運動 運動Excercise, Excercise Excercise

If I manage to achieve the above then I can move on to my next plan . Since early last year, my other half has gone cycling in the gym 3 times a week first thing in the morning. He’s lost about 5kg since, I don’t need that much. To be able to trim the few inches off my waistline that I’ve put on in the past year, so I can get back into my skinny jeans will be great. I hope I don’t get to the day, where I look down to the floor and can’t see my toes?.
如果能實現以上計劃我就可以進行第二個大計。 去年初我的另一半每星期三天大清早都去飛輪健身,三個月內瘦了五公斤。 我不用減那麼多,只要減掉腰間多出來的脂肪,可以再穿著我的瘦身牛仔褲,我已很滿足。 我希望不會有一天往下望向地面時,見不到我的腳趾?。 早睡早起,身體好! 努力運動,脂肪走!

So here’s my 2018 plan, small and simple.  I hope I can achieve them.  Wish me luck!!!