沖繩 Okinawa

沖繩 Okinawa

25th April 2017 2 By livinguktaiwan

Okinawa has a lovely coastline especially driving along route 58 all the way up to the north were there is hardly any traffic.

After we left Naha, we went to Cape Zanpa. Apart from a handful of tourist, there was a couple taking their wedding photos there. In one shot, the photographer asked them to sit by the edge of the cliff facing the ocean. I thought it looked a bit like they were contemplating a ‘you jump I jump’. Honestly I don’t know if that’s romantic or a bad omen to the start a new life? zanpo

Manzamo is half an hours drive away  from Cape Zanpo, but I found it way too touristy. Like a manufacturing plant, everyone walks from the car park down the same path along the cliff, take a few shots at the same spot and then walk back to the car park again. Not my cup of tea.elephant很多旅遊人士也不會到最北端的邊戶岬,因為需要超過一個小時車程。而且那裏除了風景之外,並沒有甚麼食店或者購物的地方。附近大石林山裏有很多千年古石,形狀很特別。園方也很有想像力,給予很多石頭有趣的名字,像以下這張照片。
Most people don’t head to Cape Hedo up the north as its another hour or so drive, quite remote with nothing to shop or any must eat places. We went to the nearby Dai Zekirinzan Park for a hike. There were a lot of interesting rock formations, and the park were very creative in naming them, like the photo below.

The view of Cape Hedo and the ocean from the summit in the park was very refreshing. Personally I prefer Cape Hedo to the south. The cliff edges are more spectacular and the sea colour so much more aqua.binwogap至於食方面,我選只有當地人推薦的食店,因為去旅行就是要感受在地人的生活噢!其中這一家,全是榻榻米座位,還有三味線表演。三味線表演很熱鬧,大家聽得很高興拍掌跟著唱,最後男女老少所有人一起站起來跳舞。很久未試過晚飯吃得那麼高興。除了欣賞三味線外,食物也十分美味。看其他客人點什麼菜,我們也跟著點,這就一定不會踩地雷喔!
I tend to chose restaurants that were recommended only by locals as I like to experience places that locals go. After all, that’s part of the fun when going on holiday. One was a traditional restaurant with tatami seating only and shamisen performance. It was a very lively performance with everyone clapping and singing along.  At the end they got everyone from grannies to babies up dancing around the room. I haven’t had so much fun at dinner for a long time ! The food itself was also delicious as we just pointed and ordered what the others were eating. Can’t go wrong with that.SingDance另外這家是日本常見的食店。客人先在販賣機選擇食物及付款,然後把食票交給工作人員。那工作人員就可以專心做料理。
This type of canteen is quite common in Japan where you pay for your meal at the kiosk first. Its a very efficient method so the staff can focus just on the cooking.machine2machine1最後這一家居酒屋是我最喜愛的。我很喜歡店內的裝潢,所有座位是一排一排像個小迷宮般。坐在我們旁邊的那位日本男士,很熱心地嘗試用日文向我們解釋餐牌,幸好我們終於明白他向我們介紹的啤酒優惠,這非常重要噢!日本人也用漢字,所以我們大概也猜到一些菜,但煮法,其他配菜及味道就沒頭緒了。結果每次上菜也會有意外驚喜,這頓晚餐吃得很開心,也是我在沖繩最難忘的一餐。之後有一位沖繩的博客,也跟我說這家店是沖繩當地人十分喜愛的,怪不得店內十分忙碌。
And finally this must be my favourite restaurant. I loved the unusual square seating like a mini maze. We sat next to a guy who tried to explain the menu to us in Japanese. Luckily we got the part about the beer promotions! We had a vague idea what some of the dishes consist of as Japanese use some Chinese characters but the cooking method, flavour and other ingredients were a mystery. We got a pleasant surprise everytime they served the food, and this is definitely my most memorable meal in Okinawa. In fact afterwards a local Okinawa blogger told me that this place is very popular with locals. Good to hear that.rest1rest2我去旅行通常都不會安排密密的行程,沒有瘋狂購物也不會排隊去吃什麼必吃餐廳。我覺得旅行應該要輕鬆,不要像上班般束縛。看天氣,心情及環境隨緣,有時甚至可能什麼也不做,只找個寧靜地方坐下來稍作休息,已經很寫意呢!
For my trip, I didn’t prepare a daily itinerary, didn’t go crazy on shopping and didn’t spend any time at all queuing up at so called must eat restaurants. My view of holidays should be relaxing, go with the weather, mood and flow, take it easy and just enjoy yourself.